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‘Don’t Do It!’: Fans Are Left In Shambles After Mo’Nique’s Popeyes Training Video Derails When a Customer Does This and the Comedian Reacts 

Mo’Nique recently took to Instagram to showcase to her millions of followers the importance of quality customer service while filming a Popeyes training video with two fellow employees and her friend Correy Bell.

Although details surrounding the skit are unclear, such as when and where the event occurred, Mo’Nique revealed in the Sept. 14 social media clip that before making it in the entertainment industry, she learned how to do her first job — which was at Popeyes — with “pride and honor.”

The 54-year-old said, “Now what we’re getting ready to do right here is the customer service on how you’re supposed to greet people when they come into the Popeyes. This was my first job, and baby, when I did it, I did it with pride and honor.”

When comedian Correy Bell came up to the register and pretended to place an order for a two-piece meal, Mo’Nique offered a few suggestions on the drinks that Corey should get based on the spiciness of her meal.

The Academy Award winner said, “Let me tell you something about the drinks. Now if you get the mild, you might want to get a little soda, but if you get that spicy, you might want to get that lemonade.”

Following her advice, Correy ordered a spicy meal with lemonade. Before ringing her up, Mo’Nique also tried to sell Correy an apple pie and an extra set of fries, which she agreed to purchase after a friendly exchange. Things were going well until Correy’s fake total came up to $5.17. 

When Correy heard the total, she immediately began complaining about the price. Mo’Nique then stopped the role-playing and began cracking a joke about how she would have gone off on the customer if this was a real-life scenario. 

She said, “You see, at this point, my loves, this is when you stop the tape, and you look at the customer, and you say, ‘B–h now you know what I told you. But you want to keep on trying to put me on blast because I’m working over here next to my boss. Don’t do it.’ “

Following that joke, Mo’Nique explained the significance of taking a job seriously, no matter the circumstance. “But I’m saying this to all of you babies working out there, all around the world. When you have a job, treat it like it’s your own. You got to be suggestive in your selling. Whatever you selling, suggest more of it.”

The video wrapped with Mo’Nique and Correy continuing to joke with each other as the Popeyes workers prepped to open the store. In addition to the video, Mo’Nique wrote the caption while promoting her next comedy show, “POPEYES TRAINING WITH ME & @correyb. BABY WHAT A MOMENT IN TIME. I LOVE US 4REAL CHICAGO I’M COMING 9/16 UIC FORUM.”

As fans viewed the recording, many expressed in the comments section how funny the entire skit was with Mo’Nique and Correy. A few individuals even mentioned how well Correy portrayed the customer role. 

“It’s the up selling for me (laughing emoji).”

“LMAO! I couldn’t be taking her order lol!”

“I am hollering right now.”

“I’m hollering!!! That’s just how those customers are….my girl nailed it! Mo, Popeyes needs you to do the customer service training! You’re nice! It’s those aprons that be full of flour that got the attitudes.”


Among the previous remarks, others praised Mo’Nique for teaching people about what a good customer looks like and her words of advice. One wrote, “Girl it’s sad but the world needs to see this! Customer service is a mess now. Love the comedy at the end though.”

Another said, “Yaaaaas teach them about customer service and keep smiling and staying professional.” A third Instagram user posted, “They definitely need better customer service training. Great way to show them how it’s done Queen.”

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