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‘I’m the Only One Who Is Not Offended by His Brash Approach’: T.I. Calls Cap on Rumor He Lost Out on ‘Power Book II’ Role Because of a Beef Between Him and 50 Cent

Last month, it was speculated that T.I. was originally supposed to play defense attorney Davis MacLean in “Power Book II: Ghost,” but the role ultimately went to fellow rapper Method Man. 

According to hearsay shared by “Power” universe actors Gianni Paolo and Michael Rainey Jr., the “Bring Em Out” rapper lost out on the role due to a prior beef between he and the franchise co-creator Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

“This is a rumor I can’t confirm, I heard T.I. was supposed to play Method Man’s character,” Paolo told TMZ during an August run-in with a photographer. Paolo plays Brayden Weston, the equally problematic boarding school best friend to Tarik, who is played by Rainey. 

Paolo added, “I don’t know if there was a beef or something happened, then he never wound up playing him and Method was able to play him.” Rainey chimed in to say, “We showed up to set and Method was there, so that was really it.” Now, in a new interview with Tony The Closer on the “Get Yo A** Up” podcast, T.I. is setting the record straight. 

“50 and I, we were executive producers on a different show outside of the ‘Power’ universe. But nah, me and 50 cool,” he said. He continued by saying that he and the “In Da Club” rapper actually have something in common that has helped them build rapport with each other. “I think I’m the only one who is not offended by his brash approach, and he’s not offended by mine. So, you now, we play rough, but ain’t no issue. It’s a mutual respect, though.”

Whatever hatchet that has been buried, was evidently still visible two years ago. While appearing on the “Big Facts” podcast in 2020, T.I. addressed criticism he received from New Yorkers like 50 Cent for doing a Crime Stoppers commercial. In short, he said he did not care what anyone had to say about the commercial, and that he expected “n–gas” to try and hurt you in any way they can.

50 caught wind of the comment and in a since-deleted Instagram post said, “This was a week ago. This n–ga was just telling me about a comedy show he was working on backstage. I don’t like this kinda s–t, it wouldn’t be a good idea to come around me again. Respectfully stay away from me.”

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