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‘He Will Owe Her for the Rest of His Life’: Phaedra Parks Sources Blast Her Ex Apollo for His Recent Remarks on ‘RHOA’ After Claiming His Talking Violates Their Divorce Agreement 

Apollo Nida recently found himself in hot water for his remarks about ex-wife Phaedra Parks during a brief appearance on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” 

On the Aug. 28 episode, the former reality star slammed Parks for not supporting him following his 2014 conviction for fraud. Nida was sentenced to eight years in prison after he plead guilty to bank, mail and wire fraud following his being listed as the main culprit behind an identity theft scheme in May 2014. He was ultimately released in 2019. 

In the show episode, during an outing with Shereé Whitfield, Nida claimed that Parks left him to “rot” and “die” when she decided to file for divorce in October 2014, months following his conviction. The 43-year-old also claimed that Parks didn’t allow him to spend time with their two sons.

On Sept. 3, a source close to Parks revealed to Page Six that the attorney’s friends are upset over Nida’s past comments. While calling out Nida’s actions, that person said, “Apollo has some nerve showing up and talking negatively about Phaedra when she’s done nothing but help him in his lifetime. Her friends are furious.” 

Parks’ source continued by telling the publication that Nida failed to admit that Parks paid his legal fees despite stating she bailed on him following his 2014 conviction. The insider said, “Phaedra paid every one of his legal bills and, because of his guilt, he still went to prison. He will owe her for the rest of his life.”

In addition, the source alleged that Nida may have violated a legal agreement that was allegedly put in place after the pair’s divorce was finalized in 2017. Parks and Nida’s alleged contract stops any party from publicly speaking negatively of the other.

Th said,

“The last thing [Nida] should be doing is talking negatively to anyone about her, especially since there is a legal agreement in their divorce decree that neither of them will ever speak disparagingly about one another. He doesn’t seem to be able to follow the rules even now,” that source said.

Parks’ source wrapped up the interview by alleging the only reason why Nida is publicly berating Parks is that he wants attention. “He realizes the only way that he’s going to get any press is to talk about Phaedra.”

Aside from Parks’ source publicly addressing Nida’s remarks, no additional details have been released.

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