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OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney Looks Starkly Different In Booking Photo Following Extradition from Hawaii; Visited the Island During Murder Investigation to Treat PTSD

After being extradited from Hawaii to Miami, the OnlyFans model accused of killing her partner in cold blood has been booked in a Miami-Dade County jail for the alleged crime. The 26-year-old is now in South Florida, held in a cell without an offer for a bail bond.

OnlyFans model’s booking photo (Miami Dade County Police)

Courtney Clenney’s mugshot looks starkly different from other photographs posted on the social media influencer’s Instagram. The model is seen fresh-faced with no makeup and her roots reveal a darker blond ombre into the platinum blond she sported for over 2 million fans. She also no longer wears hair extensions.

The image was snapped on Friday, Aug. 26, after Clenney was booked on murder in the second degree with a deadly weapon charge. She is the sole suspect in the stabbing murder of her ex-boyfriend Christian Toby Obumseli, a 27-year-old Nigerian-American who died from knife wounds he sustained in the couple’s luxury One Paraiso condo at 3131 Northeast 7th Avenue in Edgewater on Saturday, April 3.

On Wednesday, Aug. 10, Clenney was arrested “without incident at an undisclosed location” in Laupahoehoe, Hawaii, four months after her lover’s death.

Before the extradition, the young woman was held at the East Hawai’i Detention Center. Across the country, almost 5,000 miles apart, authorities from Hawaii to Florida worked to bring her back to the mainland to face counts for the crime, Fox 59 reports.

The Instagram hottie who once bragged about only dating rich Black men is currently housed in the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center without bond.

She does not deny that she fatally stabbed Obumseli but says she did so in self-defense. Claiming she went to Hawaii — during the investigation of the crime — to seeking treatment for alcohol and post-traumatic stress disorder, according to her lawyer.

Her lawyer also said Clenney threw a knife at her boyfriend after he tried to strangle her.

However, this contradicts what experts who examined his dead body and the multiple scars he had on his torso, in the chest area.

A medical examination contends Obumseli’s injuries were too severe to align with her story, saying his injuries were caused by a downward plunge with the weapon.

State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle says while she believes this is a case of domestic violence, the victim is not believed to be the perpetrator.

In a press conference earlier in the month, the prosecutor stated the couple started dating in November 2020, moved from Texas to South Florida in January 2022, and had been in an “extremely tempestuous and combative relationship.”

Friends, family, and others associated with the couple said she was the aggressor, often beating on him. Multiple neighbors in the complex, some of them living as far as two stories above the two, reported hearing them argue and fight. The building staff and security wrote up complaints about the couple based on the riotous behavior from within the apartment.

Fernandez Rundle also released an elevator video, showing her attacking him on Monday, Feb. 21, commenting on the footage, “It certainly appears that the defendant was aggressively attacking Christian.”

Later, the state counsel said a 911 call made by her captures him saying he was losing sensations in his arm and stating he believed he was dying. She is heard on the recording apologizing, “I am so sorry, baby.”

Frank Prieto, the lawyer for Clenney, who goes by Courtney Tailor on social media, believes a judge should stop Fernandez Rundle from releasing footage and comments about the case to the press.

“It is a shame that the State Attorney’s Office is seeking to win this case in the court of public opinion by showing an irrelevant and likely inadmissible video of Courtney in an elevator getting physical with Obumseli,” he said in a statement.

Prieto also believes the evidence being shared is incomplete, mentioning an early discovery report by Miami Police “uncovered an independent witness who saw Obumseli hitting Courtney in the head while he thought he was in the privacy of Courtney’s apartment.”

NBC Miami reported Prieto believes only a judge and jury can clear the name of his client.

“Unfortunately, it appears that the prosecutors have taken ‘the easy way out’ by charging Courtney; effectively placing the decision to clear Courtney of these charges in the hands of the judge and jury,” Prieto declares.

“We are confident she will be exonerated, and Courtney will be seen for what she is: a victim of domestic abuse that survived her abuser,” he continues.

Though the couple started dating a year and a half ago, reports state they broke up the last week of March and were no longer living together after Clenney kicked him out. The two allegedly rekindled their romance, and he moved back into the ritzy apartment on Friday, April 1, days before his demise.

Sunday afternoon, the two started fighting.

The fighting came to an end the afternoon of April 3, when Clenney called 911 to report that Obumseli had been stabbed and needed help. He later died from his injury.

By the time the officers arrived, he was dead. Reports noted, a “woman was detained at the scene” and taken for a mental health evaluation and that the stabbing was a “domestic dispute.” She was wasn’t charged until months later.

Obumseli’s brother wrote on Instagram, he believed Clenney was being treated differently because of her race.

He stated, “The bottom line is inextricably clear: Courtney is being treated differently because of her privilege as a wealthy white woman. Within 24 hours following Toby’s death, the detective on the case prematurely concluded this was not a crime of violence. But the information provided is deficient and the lack of transparency strongly suggests foul play is involved.”

“Courtney acknowledges that Toby did not have a weapon,” he continued. “She has no injuries to support her story of imminent danger.”

“Additionally, Courtney still has yet to explain exactly what happened leading up to Toby’s murder. We have every reason to believe that his death was the result of unwarranted and unprovoked violence. We want to see that justice is served,” the post read in part.

Obumseli died 23 days before his 28th birthday.

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