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‘Sorry Rev, I Can’t Just Eat One Meal a Day’: Fans Express Challenge of Eating One Meal a Day After Al Sharpton Reveals It’s What Helped Him Lose Weight

Reverend Al Sharpton dished on his meal plan in an interview with Page Six and revealed his weight loss secret involved one thing: kale.

Sorry Rev, I Can't Just Eat One Meal a Day': Fans Express Challenge of Eating One Meal a Day After Al Sharpton Reveals It's What Helped Him Lose Weight
Al Sharpton then vs. now. (Photos: @real_sharpton/Instagram)

Page Six reports the American civil rights activist was seen last week at a restaurant in Harlem, where he revealed to the New York Post gossip page that he brought his own kale salad to the diner because, “I know they don’t have kale there.”

Sharpton apparently began this kale diet four years ago. He told the newspaper, “I eat around noon every day, and that’s it. I have a salad and at night, I may have one slice of whole wheat toast because my doctor said I have to have some kind of protein.” 

Before Al Sharpton became dedicated to this diet, the reverend weighed around 305 pounds. In an interview with the New York Daily News Sharpton back in 2014, he expressed what prompted him to begin his weight loss journey, which ultimately allowed him to lose 176 pounds throughout the past 16 years. 

He told the newspaper, “I could take all the cartoons in the tabloid newspapers, but I couldn’t take my daughter punching me in the belly and asking why I was so fat. That was my inspiration to lose weight, and probably the last time anyone hurt my feelings.” 

The former MSNBC host first began to detach himself from meat, then slowly stopped eating starches which allowed him to easily cut foods other than whole wheat toast and salads out of his diet completely. 

While this diet may work for Sharpton, fans expressed the hardships they would face if they had to follow similar restrictions. 

“I don’t care what I’m doing, one meal a day aint it”

“Ain’t no way in hell I’m only eating once a day”

“I’m sorry Rev I can’t just eat one meal a day”

Some fans may not have been able to handle this diet, but it worked for Al Sharpton and he feels happier and healthier than ever. 

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