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Omarosa Claims Trump Wants to Start a ‘Race War,’ Says He’s Unfit to be President

The feud between Omarosa Manigault-Newman and President Donald Trump is heating up after the ousted White House aide accused the president of trying to start a “race war.”

Manigault-Newman’s comments came during a Sunday interview with Rev. Al Sharpton, in which she claimed Trump’s outreach to African-American voters was nothing but a sham.

” … We have a lot to lose and in fact, we’re losing right now because Donald Trump is disingenuous about his engagement and his outreach,” she told the PoliticsNation host. “And, in fact, I think he wants to start a race war in this country.”

“And it’s much worse than people realize,” the former “Apprentice” star added, commenting on the president’s predominately white circle of staffers. “There are 30 special assistants to the president right now. There are none representing the African-American community.”

Manigualt-Newman was the highest ranking Black American on Trump’s Cabinet prior to her firing back in February. The former aide has since released a tell-all memoir, “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House,” in which she makes several damning claims against the president, including the fact that he once used the N-word. The shocking accusations have sent the White House into a tizzy and prompted Trump to label Manigault-Newman everything from a “crazed low-life” to “a dog.”

During her interview, the ex-reality star insisted she pushed for diversity during her time in the White House but said candidates of color were “rejected over and over.”

“And I will tell you that they haven’t even made an attempt to replace anyone at [the Office of Public Liaison] to do African-American outreach, they just kind of detailed a guy over for just three months, I think to do a little window dressing,” she told Sharpton. “But there is really no real commitment to diversity in the White House and he’s unapologetic about it because he’s completely contradicted the commitment he made when he did that campaign of ‘What do you have to lose?’”

Manigault-Newman said she felt Trump was “unfit” to serve as president, especially after his racist dog comment. She accused the president of being “thin-skinned” and reducing “this important office” by resorting to childish name-calling.

“… And as you know in ‘Unhinged’ I assert that he is in mental decline and that was in full display when he was attacking me over and over again and all of those tweets and then he wanted to sic his entire legal team on me and my publisher,” she said.

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