‘Not a Lie Told’: Fat Joe Claims Egos Are to Blame for the Decline of New York Hip-Hop and Fans React

Fat Joe has something to say about hip-hop’s demise, especially from his hometown of New York.

The rapper, who made his debut in the music industry in the 1990s and sold millions of records worldwide, addressed the situation during an Instagram Live on July 29.

Fat Joe
Fat Joe claims that egos in the music industry played a big part for the demise of New York hip-hop. (Photo: @fatjoe/Instagram)

In the post, Fat Joe claimed that one factor that contributed to New York hip-hop’s downfall was ego. He said, “New York hip-hop was destroyed single-handedly by egos, money and pride. Simple. The South saw how we f–ked it up, meaning Atlanta, and they cliqued up and said, ‘We not gonna make that mistake.'”

The 51-year-old continued the discussion by listing many talented acts from New York, including Roc-A-Fella, Ruff Ryders, Terror Squad, G-Unit, Dipset. The reason why Fat Joe boasted about those groups was to highlight that as soon as ego and money came into the equation, a handful of them didn’t last.

He said, “As soon as motherf–kers started getting hot and started getting a different type of money. They started feeling like they that person, they that guy. It’s so many Kings of New York. Even me — every week someone said they the king.”

Fat Joe wrapped up the conversation by pointing out that ego makes it difficult for artists to work together. He said, “That’s all ego. It f–ks up your ability to work with each other, to get money with each other, to embrace each other, to come up.”

As fans viewed the post, many agreed with Fat Joe’s remarks.

“Not a lie told.”

“Truth. Look at how many ATL artists linked up to make creativity vs NYC artists back in the day. Southern Hospitality bruh, let’s get this money and let that BS lay flat…”

“I swear he’s dropping all facts.”

“He actually shedding light to this we knew that but good to see someone from up there acknowledge it.”

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