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‘Russ, You Lucky MF’: Ciara Shares Smoking Hot Goodies In New Photo, Fans Bring Up Her Husband Russell Wilson

After releasing her latest single, “Jump,” Ciara showed off her backside in a smoking-hot photo on Instagram. The singer and dancer quoted lyrics from her track in the caption as she wrote, “Now stop…Let it breathe…Get low to ya knees…Aye.”

The 36-year-old posed for a snapshot while wearing a black top and a revealing pair of black shorts with peek-a-boo cutouts on the back. She also rocked a curly red wig, gold accessories, and a pair of black leather platform heels.

?Russ, You Lucky MF?: Ciara Shares Smoking Hot Goodies In New Photo, Fans Bring Up Her Husband Russell Wilson
Ciara shows off her backside in new viral photo. (Photo: @ciara/Instagram.)

“Ok then! Just break the internet then, sis!” wrote one fan in the comments. Another said, “Ate !!!!! Left no crumbs.” A third commentator said, “How is anyone supposed to look at this shot and remember to breathe at the same time?!”

A couple of fans brought up the singer’s husband, Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson. Most complimented the mother of three, while others felt her photo should be saved for hubby’s archives only. One person wrote, “Perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriod … just cause we married don’t mean we can’t be ourselves. Another individual said, “Russ, you lucky mf.”

Meanwhile, a third person said, “The pic is fire save that 4 your husband.” Dozens more disapproved of Ciara’s photo, considering she speaks highly of her faith, family, and relationship with God. Some questioned her parenting and made reference to her 2019 hit single “Level Up.”

“This is Russell Wilson’s wife, the church-going family man. She out here doing this on IG n they talking bout they go to church n respect god. See how money plays a much important part than god to some.”

“Gross. I know this is normal in this industry, but I can’t get with it. Your daughter and sons will see this one day. Yikes.”

“So disappointed @ Ciara you have a husband and kids. What are you being a thot for??!!! I thought you leveled up.”

“Your body is the temple of God respect it.”

“When you have good music you don’t have to resort to these tactics.”

But many ran to Ciara’s defense, noting that the photo does nothing to taint her image or legacy. “She is still classy Ciara, I rarely see this side of her,” said one person. “Good lord, I’ve seen waaay worse from other artist!”

One individual added, “It’s Givin Very Much ‘Been That Girl, You Been Bangin Since 03” #period #csquad.”

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