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‘Ugh Mom’: Ciara Shares Her Kids’ Reactions to Her ‘Spicy’ Photos 

Grammy Award-nominated singer and mommy-of-three Ciara is sharing her children’s funny reactions to her “spicy” photos. The “Promise” songstress was one of four women cover stars to appear on the front of the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. 

While speaking to the publication on achieving the “big, big goal,” the “Level Up” singer shared that her children Future, Sienna, and Win share different opinions about seeing their mother in more risqué photos. 

Ciara poses for sexy pictures in Cannes, France. (Photo: @ciara / Instagram)

“When I do the things that are a bit more spicy, they’re kind of like ‘eurgh’ — they do that kind of funny stuff,” Ciara said, pulling a face. “But Sienna did think Mommy was beautiful. Future’s the one that if I’m like ‘pop, pop,’ he’s like, ‘stop, stop.’ He’s funny like that, like, ‘ugh, Mom … ‘” 

Still, she considered herself lucky to have her little village of support, noting that her kids are “so supportive and so proud of me.” The 36-year-old star said that she hopes that her hard work ethic serves as a positive image to her little ones as to what self-confidence and success can look like.  

“It’s always sweet to feel their love and to see when they’re proud of me because I hope that when they see me doing my thing, they can be inspired and know that ‘Hey, anything you dream of is possible,’ ” she continued. “If you believe in your dream, that’s where it starts. And if Mommy did it, why can’t I do it?”

Ciara shares her firstborn son with rapper Future, while she and her husband and NFL star Russell Wilson share 5-year-old Sienna and 1-year-old Win. 

The singer also opened up about her longtime aspiration of being on Sports Illustrated. “I’ve always dreamt of being on this cover, ever since I was really young and especially as an entertainer, it’s always been pretty significant in the entertainment space,” she told the outlet. “So it’s a dream come true for me, and it was a special day when I got the call.”

Kim Kardashian, Yumi Nu, and Maye Musk were also featured; Musk is the oldest person to be featured in the magazine’s history. 

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