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‘Keep That Same Energy’: Amber Riley Calls Out Men Sliding Into Her DMs After She Lost Weight 

Actress Amber Riley had a message for the many men sliding into her direct messages after her recent weight loss. The former “Glee” star recorded the message and shared it on her Instagram page on June 15.  

Riley apparently was not impressed by the men who sent her the direct messages after she lost weight. The video features the actress in what appeared to be a home gym wearing a camouflage Adidas baseball hat with a matching tank top.

Keep That Same Energy': Amber Riley Calls Out Men Sliding Into Her DMs After She Lost Weight?
Amber Riley shares a video on Instagram on June 15. (Photo: @amberriley / Instagram)

The sound of a man falling and hitting the ground is accompanied by the text, “[Ninja emoji] I’ve known for years falling in my DMs because I’ve lost weight” as Riley pretended to watch a man fall and hit the ground with a thump. She then said, “Child, anyway, so…” 

She captioned the funny post, “Keep that same fatphobic energy player. Ain’t [dookie emoji] changed over here but the scale. BIG DOT.” 

Folks had a lot to say to Riley’s post, including fellow actress Yvette Nicole Brown, who noted that women are the same people they were before the weight loss and did not remove some “invisible cloak.” She also advised the men to keep the same energy while kicking rocks.  

“Right?! They straight up act like we’ve taken off an ‘invisibility cloak’ or something. I’ve BEEN her playa! And you were uninterested,” she wrote. “Keep that same energy and kick rocks!” 

When one fan replied that men have been coming out of the woodwork since she lost 60 pounds, she seemingly received a reply from Riley. “THIS IS THE ONE!!! I’ve lost 60+ pounds and negroes been coming out the woodworks,” wrote the fan.  

Riley left another comment, which was seemingly a reply to several fans having similar experiences after losing weight.   

“Unfortunately, smaller bodies are more privileged. It’s been weird and uncomfortable experiencing that, and if I’m being honest, kind of nice not having to defend my existence or make space for myself all the time. I still often think i don’t belong in certain rooms and I’m still not skinny,” she said.  

Riley went on to say she was inspired by her fans while noting she was “fine af” before and after her weight loss.  

“I feel many ways about it that I’m not really ready to discuss, but I do think it’s worth mentioning. All I know is all bodies are beautiful, love yourself NOW, and my girl @ceceolisa always said ‘don’t wait on your weight.’ Y’all inspire me [heart emoji] and so we’re clear, I was fine af then and I’m fine af now, I can still pull yo if I wanted to, fat girls ain’t out here beggin for love and attention like y’all would like to believe, and also, it’s wetter ask ya daddy. K, I’m done bein reckless this morning. Bye.” 

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