‘THE CAUDACITY’: Fans Come for Amy Schumer Over Her Response to Question About Tiffany Haddish’s Unapologetic Confidence

Fans are pissed at Amy Schumer, who recently appeared on an episode of the HBO series, The Shop.” The comedian and actress joined LeBron James, Maverick Carter, marketing executive Paul Rivera, rapper Fat Joe and prime-time CNN anchor Don Lemon for a discussion about life and vulnerability in the industry. Schumer completely derailed the conversation by questioning if too much self-confidence can hinder a woman’s success.

“This is totally off-topic,” she began before referring to an early part of the conversation about “aspirational” entertainers. “But I think it’s the opposite for women and female comics.”

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Tiffany Haddish (L) and Amy Schumer (R). Photo @tiffanyhaddish/ Instagram, Taylor Hill/Getty Images

The 41-year-old recalls growing up listening to rapper Lil Kim, who set the tone in 1995 with her debut album, “Hard Core.” Kim’s rap bravado consists of sexually explicit lyrics and cutthroat bars in a way that not many female artists had done before that time.

The “Comedy Central” star said herself and other female comediennes such as Chelsea Handler, or veteran Moms Mabley, have made jokes about being “a drunk” or a “fat whore.” She suggested that in some cases women have to downplay their confidence in order “to be accepted.”

Lemon stepped in to speak up for confident women like Grammy and Oscar-Winning comedienne Tiffany Haddish, who are breaking barriers without those types of jokes or dimming their light.

“I think there’s women who are breaking the mold and not doing that. I don’t think Tiff Haddish does that,” Lemon shared. He then referred to Haddish’s latest unapologetic moment on the red carpet at 2022 Oscars in March. After receiving a “back-handed compliment” about her “costume,” she upbraided the reporter: “This is not an acting gig. This is my life. This what fame look like. That what success look like.”

Schumer then questioned if Haddish’s self-confidence was helping or harming her career. “But how is that going for her?” she asked. “I’m really asking this. I’m really asking this.” Lemon said, “I love Tiff.”

She continued, “I love Tiff too, she’s incredible. She’s had a huge meteoric rise. I’m wondering if people are going to get pissed at her.”

As the episode circulated online, some folks became enraged by Schumer’s remarks considering her and Haddish are friends. Back in 2016, Haddish praised Schumer on Instagram after Vogue Magazine deemed her, “The Queen of Comedy.” Many in comments section believe she is jealous of Haddish’s recent success.

“It’s giving jealous.”

“THE CAUDACITY!!! Is Tiff worried about you? NO!”

“Sounds like she has no confidence and is hating.”

“Awe she sounds intimidated.”

“Girl mind your YT business.”

One person jokingly said, “Where is Amanda Seales? Oh the read she is about to deliver!”

Another person took a more positive approach in answering Schumer’s questions, stating, “I feel like it’s HELPING HER! I love the fact that she is unapologetically herself.”

Fans began to pick sides debating who was the funnier comedian, though the majority chose Haddish. One commentator said, “Amy Schumer isn’t even funny. Tiffany isn’t the funniest but I’d rather hear her than Amy.”

Meanwhile, one individual asked, “Why she on this platform?! Ain’t she traumatized by Will?”

Schumer was one of three host for the 2022 Oscar Awards, alongside fellow comediennes Regina Hall and Wanda Skyes. That night, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage for making a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. But weeks later in a since-deleted Instagram post, Schumer admitted the incident left her “still triggering and traumatized.” In the caption, she called Chris Rock her “friend” and scolded Smith for displaying “so much pain.”

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