‘Your Genes Are Stronger Than a McDonald’s Sprite!’: Shaunie Henderson Shares Photo with All Five of Her Kids She Shares with Shaquille O’Neal, Fans Say Kids Stole Her Face

Entrepreneur Shaunie Henderson recently uploaded a picture on Instagram of her with all her children cozied up next to one another. The picture captured her three sons and two daughters: Shaqir, Shareef, Myles, Amirah and Me’arah, with Shaunie in the middle. 

She captioned the picture, “My BABIES [red hearts] #SUPERPROUDMOM.” 

Your Genes Are Stronger Than a McDonald's Sprite!': Shaunie Henderson Shares Photo with All Five of Her Kids She Shares with Shaquille O'Neal, Fans Say Kids Stole Her Face
(L-R): Shaqir, Shareef, Myles, Shaunie Henderson, Amirah and Me’arah Pictured: @iamshaunie/Instagram

Fans quickly ran to the comments section to note how everyone in the photo favored each other, and ultimately favored her. 

One comment said, “Your genes are stronger than McDonald’s sprite. All of them babies look just like you.” Another fan wrote, “Every single one of you have the same beautiful smile [smile emoji].” Someone else commented, “I know that’s right! Proud mommas matter [red heart].”

As shown by her hashtag, Shaunie is proud of all her children — four of which she shares with retired NBA star Shaquille O’Neal — and their accomplishments. 

Myles O’Neal, 25, Shaunie’s oldest son, whom Shaquille adopted, began modeling at the age of 21 and chose the career of a DJ. He recently posted an Instagram video of him DJing at Encore Beach Club for the first time. 

Shareef O’Neal is the second oldest and followed in the path of his father, retired basketball player Shaquille O’Neal. The 22-year-old began his college career at UCLA, however he transferred to Louisiana State University and played as a forward for the school’s basketball team. He decided to leave the team earlier this year in March as well as decided to keep his name in the 2022 NBA Draft. 

Amirah O’Neal, 20, is Shaunie’s older daughter who played basketball at her high school, Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences. She was deemed honorable mention and two time All-state honoree to MaxPreps’ 2018 to 2019 California Girls Basketball All-State Teams. 

Amirah followed in the footsteps of her father and committed to LSU, however she later decided to transfer to HBCU Texas Southern University. 

Shaqir O’Neal is the youngest boy who decided not to follow the same path as his father and two older siblings regarding his college residence. According to Fanbuzz, the 19-year-old was “rated as the 24th best player in Georgia”. He committed to TSU to help enhance his basketball career. He consistently posts pictures and videos on Instagram of himself working out in the gym and on the basketball court. 

Me’arah O’Neal, 16, is the baby of the clan and is also a basketball player. She plays center for Crossroads School and went viral a few years ago for her ability to dunk at 13 years old. Me’arah regularly posts videos to her Instagram feed of her practicing basketball. 

Shaunie has worked hard over the years, so it’s no shock that her kids work hard as well; it’s in their DNA. 

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