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‘Ashanti Got Them Thunder Thighs’: Ashanti Takes on the ‘Aww Baby’ Dance Challenge 

Ashanti‘s body became a hot commodity on June 5 after the singer participated in the “Aww Baby” dance challenge.

The artist, who is currently on tour in Europe, was seen doing the trend with UK rapper Aitch. The dance incorporates hip thrust motions as the individuals sway from side to side.

?Ashanti Got Them Thunder Thighs?: Ashanti Takes on the ?Aww Baby? Dance Challenge?
Ashanti participates in the “Aww Baby” dance challenge with UK rapper Aitch. Photo:@ashanti/Instagram

The challenge was inspired by Aitch’s track “Baby.” “Baby,” which was released earlier this year, also samples Ashanti’s “Rock Wit U (Awww Baby).” In addition to the video, the 41-year-old captioned the post, “Awww baby @aitch Ashanti @tiktok.”

As fans viewed Ashanti’s upload, many were taken aback by the “Foolish” vocalist’s physique. A handful of people raved over her toned thighs and figure.

“Come on Thigh Gap!!”

“Ashanti got them thunder thighs though, those can crack your skull if you misbehave .”

“I’d go into combat for that thigh gap.”

“You have a perfect body.”

“You definitely preserved that body well over the years.”

Among the previous remarks, others brought up how Ashanti will be collecting checks “for life” from her contributions in the entertainment industry and the sampled catalogs. One wrote, “You getting them checks.”

Another said,” ‘Aww baby’ will keep them checks coming in for life…” A third Instagram user wrote while mentioning Jennifer Lopez, “You know you’re a legend when other artists sample your ish….Ashanti keep collecting those royalty bags. Just not from today’s artists, artist in the past like JLo. I see you.”

In May, Ashanti expressed how grateful she was to get public recognition from fans for her work on two of Lopez’s hit songs. The tracks included the remixes to “Ain’t it Funny” and “I’m Real.”

Despite writing the singles and creating a demo for “I’m Real” as a reference guide for Lopez, controversy would soon follow after the prerecorded track ended up on the song’s final copy when it was released in 2001. At the time, Lopez was the only one labeled as the credited singer. 

Although it’s unclear if Ashanti ever received the proper credit, she told Metro UK why it’s essential to be acknowledged for your work. “You should always care about credit for what you do regardless of what industry you’re in. It’s really important to give credit.”

She added, “Especially nowadays because things are so smoke and mirrors. It’s not that it’s frustrating… the word has been getting out there over the past couple of years, and I’m grateful, so a lot of people know, and they were surprised, but it’s more of a ‘yeah, grateful that you know.’ ”

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