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‘I’m Taking the Leap on Anything I Truly Love and Believe In’: Rapper and Author T-Pain Celebrates Becoming a Restaurant Owner

Two days before heading out on his “Road to Wiscansin Tour,T-Pain shared some big news on Twitter. On Sunday, May 8, the ‘Rapper Ternt Sanga’ announced that he bought his first restaurant after leaning into the “paths God has set for me.”

“I DID IT BOIS!!!! I’m officially a restaurant owner,” he tweeted. “Got my keys today and I’m scared as shit. BUT I can no longer ignore the paths God has set for me just because I don’t understand or I’m scared.”

I'm Taking the Leap on Anything I Truly Love and Believe In': Rapper and Author T-Pain Celebrates Becoming a Restaurant Owner
@tpain/ Twitter

The CEO of Nappy Boy Entertainment said he’s anxious about his new title as a business owner in the food and drink industry.

He said, “I’ve learned that if I’m not afraid, that means I’m in my comfort zone, that may be what some ppl want but as comfortable as it is in there, it also gets fuggen BORING!!”

In other tweets, the Tallahassee artist continued, “In this new chapter of my life, I’m taking the leap on anything I truly love and believe in. I’m fully in control and don’t have to ask for permission to believe in myself anymore.” He added, “Let this be a sign to GO DO THE THING!! If you’re not afraid, you’re too comfortable. #WelcomeTo5ive.”

The 37-year-old concluded the Twitter thread by tagging his business enterprises such as his label, Nappy Boy Entertainment, along with Nappy Boy Radio Podcast, Nappy Boy Gaming and Nappy Boy Films, which handled Pain’s 2020 “Get Up” video. With Nappy Boy Automotive, T-Pain intends to use his passion for drift car racing to diversify the motorsports industry.

T-Pain followed up with another Twitter thread where he expressed his gratitude for supporters who shared their kind words. He attached photos of his mom and dad standing outside of the family restaurant they operated during his childhood.

“I know the risks. I know how stressful it is. I know the success rate,” said Pain. “Thank you, everybody, for your support, kind words, encouragement, and though, it may not seem like it, I also appreciate the concern BUT, pls don’t project your own fears onto me. Let me shoot my shot without you telling me why you’re afraid to shoot yours.”

T-Pain can also add author to his resume after making his literary debut in 2021 with “Can I Mix You A Drink?” The mixology book features wisdom from veteran bartender Maxwell Britten and 50 drink recipes that explore the artist’s career in hip-hop. Each cocktail is uniquely named after his hit songs such as “I’m N LUV (Wit A Stripper),” “Booty Werk,” “Tipsy” and other collaborative tracks such as Bow Wow‘s “Outta My System.”

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