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‘I Earned That Name, Blood, Sweat and Tears’: Andrea Kelly Speaks on Not Regretting Her Time with R. Kelly, Claps Back at Those Saying She Should Drop His Last Name 

Andrea Kelly is not allowing the tarnished legacy of her ex-husband R. Kelly to undo the beauty of her past or hinder her future.

The choreographer was married to the now-disgraced singer for over a decade before their divorce was finalized in 2009. After years of allegations, the scathing documentary “Surviving R. Kelly,” and a month-long trial, the self-proclaimed “Pied Piper of R&B” was found guilty of racketeering and sex trafficking charges.

Andrea Kelly R Kelly Abuse
Andrea Kelly and R. Kelly. YouTube/Instagram

Since then Andrea has focused on raising awareness for domestic violence survivors and her own career. At most, when asked about her ex-husband, born Robert Kelly, she makes it known that the only tie she has to him is their three children and her last name. While the former couple’s marriage was tainted with rumors of the singer’s misconduct and abuse Andrea claims to have suffered, some people have questioned if she carries any regrets from their time together. 

“Not at all,” says Andrea in an interview for “Turnt Out With TS Madison.” “I have three beautiful children to regret marrying, and that’s what people don’t understand. I sit in a special place. I’m a survivor, and I’m also his ex-wife and the mother of his children. So, to regret ever meeting him means I regret my children. I have the best part of him, his three kids.”

When addressing her reasoning for not further separating herself from “The Chocolate Factory” singer by dropping her married name, Andrea says it’s a matter that does not concern her, nor should it be of any concern to the public.

“I don’t have his last name. It’s not like he left me a house, and even if he did and I decided to live in it till the day I die that is my business. My last name is not a car lease,” she said. She continued by explaining, “You don’t turn it in at the end of the marriage. My name is Andrea Daniel Kelly. I earned that name, blood, sweat and tears. And people should not be worried about why I kept the last name, they should be more concerned with what I do with the last name.”

As a women’s advocate Andrea says having the last name Kelly helps her secure media coverage and public interest for her projects and causes. But to the public it is often speculated that her keeping the name has more to do with chasing clout.

“Blood, sweat, and tears for what? I’m confused. Keeping that name is not a prize. Your name could be anything and we still won’t care,” a person wrote. 

“She gone drag this out foreverrrrrrrrrrr”

“When ya tryna start relevant???”

“Abuse is sickness…that’s all I gotta say. My previous abuser could never be my validation.”

Aware of the public’s opinion, Kelly says it’s as simple as them minding less about her personal business. “People try to crucify me for the very thing they’re curious about, so don’t worry about the last name, worry about what I’m doing with it.”

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