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‘He Learned from the Best’: Phaedra Parks’ Shady Video with Her Son Dylan Left Fans In Tears 

Like Mother, like son.

Phaedra Parks showcased on April 28, that she and her 8-year-old son Dylan Nida are alike in more ways than one. The former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star shares Nida with her ex-husband, Apollo Nida.

Phaedra Parks’ shady clip with her son Dylan Nida has fans bringing up how both son and mother strongly resemble each other in many ways. Photo:@phaedraparks/Instagram

In the Instagram post, Parks and Nida engaged in conversation as they lounged in what appeared to be her vehicle. During the discussion, Parks was seen trying to interact with Nida as he seemingly threw shade her way. 

The 48-year-old said, “Hey baby,” while Nida responded with a stale tone: “hi.” After noticing her son’s demeanor, Parks rolled her eyes and quipped, “you so shady.” The video continued with Nida asking his mom a question. 

He said, “You know what sounds good right now?” An intrigued Parks replied, “what?” Nida responded, “Some Chick-fil-A.” Following her son’s demands, Parks jokingly explained that her son continues to consume the restaurant’s food he will eventually “turn into a chicken.” 

She said, “Boy, you going to turn into a chicken.” Nida clapped back by saying, “I mean, I am a chicken.” The video wrapped up with Parks laughing at Nida’s remarks. 

As fans viewed Park’s upload, many expressed in the comments section how much mother and son physically resemble each other. One individual also mentioned Nida’s nickname of Mr. President while describing how much he’s grown.

“He took your whole face! Handsome young lad!”

“That is your twinnn.”

“Your twin too cute.”

“Phaedra Mr. President is adorable. I can’t believe how big he is now. He is definitely your twin.”

“He looks just like his mama.”

In addition to the comparison remarks, others pointed out that Nida inherited the shady personality from Parks. One wrote, He his mama son, aye! He learned from the best! #ShadeQueen.” Another said, “He has your personality but he’s Apollo’s twin.”

A third person added, “OMG….okay, that is your mini-me, @phaedraparks! These kids are a hoot!!!”

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