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‘Get It JD!’: A Laced- Up Jermaine Dupri Hits a Smooth Skating Roll Bounce, Much to Fan Amusement  

Jermaine Dupri is without a doubt known for his undeniable talent when creating musical hits. The Grammy Award-winning producer has scores of chart-topping records, making him almost untouchable except for when it pertains to his footwork on wheels.

The Atlanta-bred talent shared a glimpse into moments spent at a skating rink with his youngest daughter, Jalynn, when things went left. The video starts out showing Jalynn learning how to skate backwards before transitioning to snippets of Dupri grooving around the rink in a coordinated effort with a friend. 

Jermaine Dupri skating with Mr. Man Photo: @jermainedupri/Instagram

The latter quickly became the topic of discussion in the comments, where fans were split between cheering on Dupri and finding humor in his roll bounce. “It’s the beads of sweat on his head that’s killing meeee,” wrote one person.

“It’s giving caretaker vibes,” said another, poking fun at Dupri’s hand being on the shoulder of his friend, notable skater Mr. Man, as the moved in sync. “That’s probably why Bow Bow and him beefing…” commented another person, trying to link recent comments made by the “Shortie Like Mine” emcee.

While fielding questions from his fans, Bow Wow revealed that not only does he not like any of his albums, but that his best work was done without the help of Dupri. The comments led many to believe that there was a falling out on both the professional and personal level. However, before fans could run with their own assumptions, the rapper cleared the air by saying, “Jd cool. We just don’t work together that’s all. Me n jd aint worked together in like 10 years. I gotta work with the man to be cool?”

However, others taking notice of the producer’s footwork were impressed and would not expect less. “I’m yelling ‘Get it JD!’ like he can hear me.”

“Everybody from Atlanta is born knowing how to skate,” wrote one person. Another commented, “JD showing of his ATL skills, ”making reference to the movie “ATL” that showcased the popular Atlanta skating rink where Dupri’s recent video was recorded. 

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