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Deion Sanders Returning to His ‘Prime Time’ Rapping Days?: JSU Coach Issues Plea to Young Dolph’s Cousin Key Glock to Drop a Verse the Rapper’s Latest Album 

It’s no secret that the relationship between sports and rap music has continued to evolve over the years. Most rappers believe they’re athletes and most athletes think they are highly-skilled rappers. 

When it comes to Deion Sanders that was once the case. The Pro Football Hall of Famer dabbled in rap music with his 1994 LP “Prime Time” which featured the track “Must Be The Money.” 


While Sanders has relationships with plenty of movers and shakers within the music industry, his connection to slain Memphis rapper Young Dolph was special. Dolph’s cousin and label mate Key Glock is also close to Sanders, and since the tragic death of his cousin, he’s kept a low profile. 

With his tour set to kick off this week, Sanders sent his friend a message.

“Congratulations to my brother Key Glock. I heard the shows are selling out everywhere. I love y’all and appreciate y’all with what you’ve done for Jackson State and you know how we feel about Dolph man.

“So God bless y’all and I need a verse, dog! I just wanna drop on a verse. I just need one verse, my brother. God bless.”

Young Dolph Appeared At JSU Homecoming: Killed A Month Later

Back in October Young Dolph, the CEO of Paper Route Empire, pulled up on Sanders and the Jackson State Tigers for their homecoming festivities. Dolph featuring rapper Gunna and the Paper Route Empire were the homecoming act.

Many JSU players showed admiration for Dolph and PRE music. Dolph’s attendance and subsequent performance was one of his final appearances before he was gunned down.

In November, Dolph was ambushed and killed while buying cookies at a bakery he frequented. Per reports he was shot 22 times. The news spread quickly, and when it reached Deion, he released the following statement.

“I hope to God these rumors ain’t true about my friend, my brother and a man dear to my son. Lord help us as a people to stop the hate, the violence, and the hopelessness. When we realize we matter others will as well. Lord help us now.”

Shedeur Sanders honored Dolph with some custom cleats following his death.

For more information on a possible Coach Prime musical collaboration with Key Glock, click here.

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