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‘That Thang Thanging Back There’: Video from Phaedra Parks Derails When Fans Zoom In on Her Assets 

Phaedra Parks took to Instagram on April 11, to send a special message to her fans.

In the upload, Parks, who wore a multi-colored sweatsuit, was seen taking a stroll in a park at an undisclosed location as a background track repeated the words “God got my back.”

Phaedra Parks’ video in the park derails after fans focus on the star’s backside. Photo:@phaedraparks/Instagram

In addition to the post, the former reality TV star and attorney reiterated the words of the track when writing a Bible verse in her caption: “If #GOD be for US who can be against us? Romans 8:31 #Godgotmyback #God has your back #Bible.”

As fans began to view Parks’ upload, many bypassed the 48-year-old’s message and solely focused on her backside. One particular person went as far as to call Parks out for using the wrong moment to showcase her body. At the same time, others raved over her appearance.

“Omg..not you trying to show off your tail while speaking of the lord..just (surprise face emoji).”

“That thang thangin back there.”

“That’s a lot of back my love.”

“You look absolutely gorgeous do that walk girl.”

In 2021 during an interview with Hollywood Life, Parks revealed the secrets of how she maintained her toned physique over the years. Aside from exercise, the mother of two explained to the publication the importance of consuming the right things.

While listing the meals that helped contribute to her 18-pound weight loss, she said, “I eat a high-protein diet, heavy on lean meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables. And light on grains, beans, and dairy. In the morning, I have a cup of coffee or lemon water with my collagen, and then during the day, I eat a lot of green things and lean protein.”

Parks added, “A lot more green and lean. If I’m going to have meat, it’s going to be some good Kobe beef and some spinach. I’m always eating. Or tuna over a bed of spinach. I don’t eat a lot of lettuce, but spinach. I like arugula, kale in smaller amounts because kale can be kind of hard on your stomach sometimes.”

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