‘Get It, Get It…Go Down Low’: Leslie Jones’ ‘One Leg’ Attempt at African-Style Dancing Rouses a Flood of Fan Reactions  

Leslie Jones is putting her best foot forward for all to see on social media. 

The “Saturday Night Live” alum is well known for jokes and her comedic sports commentary she showcases during major events like the Olympics. But to fans’ surprise and enjoyment, Jones is not too shabby when it comes to dancing. The “Ghostbusters” actress took to social media on April 4 to share just a snippet of the African-style dance moves she had been trying to perfect.

Leslie Jones gave her all while attempting African-style dance moves to the groove of Jay Hover’s song ”One Leg.” (Photo: @legdogggg/Instagram)

Dressed in black sweats, a vintage KISS t-shirt and a head wrap, Jones pressed record on her cellphone as she began catch the beat of Ghanaian artist Jay Hover’s “One Leg.” Jones is seen confidently tapping her foot and contorting her face while sticking her tongue out as she rocked her arms and hips the music. A text overlay on the video read “I tried y’all!” a message she reiterated in the caption where she wrote, “after ten tries lol #africandancing.” 

Her shameless attempt at joining the dance challenge that has been shared across social media — including by Hover, who has reposted several fan videos — was met with support in a plethora of comments. 

“Yes…you tried and now let’s see you in full wardrobe and background #SlowGrind Booyakah,” wrote a fan. “Go head Lessss Get it Get it…Go down low!” wrote a person impressed by Jones. “Gotta make those faces yep” and “It’s the tongue action for me,” commented those who noticed the stand-up comedian’s full commitment to the moves.

While most fans applauded the comedian’s dance skills, there were also hecklers  who were less impressed and instead moved to laughter. “You need some jollof rice to get the moves correct,” wrote one person. Another commented, “Baby…THAT IS NOT IT!!” along with a flood of laughing emojis.

Jones is no stranger to being the target of laughter, given her decades-long career doling out jokes for crowds and the “SNL” audience. And although not all of her jokes have gone over well with viewers, at least her dance moves did.

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