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‘That’s a Real King Right There’: LeBron James’ Date Night with Wife Has Fans In Their Feelings

They call him King James for a reason.

Sure, LeBron James is one of the greatest basketball players that ever lived and has transitioned his skill set into the entertainment world, succeeding as a mogul in that space. 

However, he wears the crown because he treats his queen (and the love of his life) accordingly. 

This weekend, he and his beautiful wife Savannah Brinson James spent some quality time on a rooftop, having dinner overlooking a beautiful starlight night. 

As they sipped wine, and a small fire pit blazed across from their dinner table, the two listened to R&B classic “Saturday Love” by Cherrelle and Alexander O’Neal. 

He shared some clips of the night on Instagram.

He captioned, “Mrs_Savannahrj dinner with my bestie.”

More messages he placed in his story included, “Hey fellas remember one thing. A woman will always love and vibe with a real true playa. Know the difference between playa and player.”

“Stop being lames and treat women how they supposed to be treated!”

Fans seemed to love the love, commenting on social media about his chivalry.

“He said treat women how they supposed to be treated, you get treated how you conduct yourself his woman conducts herself in a respectable way so that’s how she deserves to be treated like a queen”

 “King Tings 🙌 “

“That’s a Real King Right There”

“These two give me hope that love is real❤️”

“Agreed! It’s actually lame to NOT treat women right”

Lebron and Savannah have been together since high school, starting their love affair when she was 16 years old. Back then, the future 18-time NBA All-Star asked the cheerleader and softball player from his rival school to be his guest at his St. Vincent-St. Mary game and later took her on their first date at Outback Steakhouse Akron, Ohio.

This weekend’s date is a long way from the franchise restaurant.

Twenty years and three kids later, the two are still showing people how couples should rock.

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