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‘What’s That on Your Dress’: Gabrielle Union and Lizzo’s Video Derails When Fans Zoom In on Singer’s Dress 

Three-time Grammy Award winner Lizzo is known to make a statement with her outfits, or lack thereof. Still, on March 22, the singer may have missed her mark after suffering a fashion mishap during an Instagram video with Gabrielle Union.

The two women, who were guests on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” decided to occupy their time behind the scenes by creating a twerk clip. 

Gabrielle Union and Lizzo share a twerking video while behind the scenes of “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

The recording starts with Lizzo, who is wearing a light blue one-shoulder dress, mouthing the words to a background track that included a scene from HBO’s “Euphoria” mixed with an unknown musical audio, “Why does everyone think we f–ked?” Gabrielle immediately enters the camera frame and replies, ” ‘Cause we did. Now come here.” 

Shortly following the lines, the recording ends with Lizzo and Gabrielle showing off their best moves. The “L.A’s Finest” star kept the video’s theme going in her caption by writing, “You better come here! @lizzobeeating.”

As fans viewed Gabrielle’s upload, many questioned what was on Lizzo’s dress. A couple of Instagram users even asked in the comments section if it was a hole. 

“What’s that on your dress Lizzo.”

“Does Lizzo have a hole on the side or is it me?”

“So nobody noticed the split in her dress before she posted this other than that one thing that just irked my nerve they look like they had fun.”

“Is that a hole?”

“Am I see seeing stuff. While Lizzo tried to twerk she tore the side of her dress.”

In addition to the previous remarks, others expressed how happy they were to see Gabrielle and Lizzo join forces. One wrote, “The duo we didn’t know we needed!”

Another said, “LOVE THIS COLLAB!!!!!!!! Please do something together. 2 f–g gorgeous BLACK WOMEN!!!!!

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