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‘You Mislead All These People’: Missy Elliott Hits Back at Reggaeton Artist Who Accused Her of Taking 99 Percent of Royalties for ‘Get Your Freak On’ Sample

After successfully challenging Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny for the unauthorized use of a portion of her hit song “Get Ur Freak On” on their chart-topping track “Safaera,” singer, songwriter and producer Missy Elliott has taken to social media to clarify the publishing splits she was awarded by the courts.

Elliott, who says she usually handles her business privately, responded to one of the artists featured on the new track for spreading misinformation, making her look like a greedy businesswoman. 

OXON HILL, MARYLAND – DECEMBER 05: Missy Elliott speaks onstage during 2019 Urban One Honors at MGM National Harbor on December 05, 2019 in Oxon Hill, Maryland. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

The song features Jowell & Randy and Ñengo Flow and on an episode of a Spanish podcast on Molusco TV, Jowell claimed that the five-time Grammy Award-winner took so much of the royalties of the song that he was left with only “1%.”

Music fans hopped on Twitter to blast Jowell for slandering Elliott’s name, claiming that his interview brought “hate” to the Hollywood Walk of Fame recipient’s virtual doorstep.

Ariana Fanpage tweeted, “Thank you jowel!”

“Thank you for all the hate your interview is bringing Missy!” the post continued. “Had you explained that there was 6 samples and 15 writers maybe they wouldn’t all be attacking Missy for no reason because she took ‘everything’”

The Latin artist clapped back, saying, “F##k that! Let them enjoy their money. It’s not you and me enjoying it right? Let them be happy and talk about something else. Missy don’t even care. Why would you?”

To his surprise, Elliott did care and parlayed her way into the conversation, checking him in a gentle but boss lady way.

She wrote, “@jowell1sadly you mislead all these people to make them think I have 99%.” 

She continued, “Now I don’t talk business online because that’s messy but now we are here. I have 25% and there is 6 other samples & 15 other writers on this one song. They got percentage also,” she informed the Boricua.

After reading the musical icon’s remarks, Jowell’s tone changed completely, with him tweeting, “Missy, something got lost in translation cuz I never said u take 99% that’s impossible there are a whole bunch of other peoples in there.” 

Unlike his interview, he now says, “I’m cool with my 1%. Excuse me, Nothing but love from Puerto Rico to you. We are both in business. Let’s chill and enjoy what we have. Peace”

Elliott has been in business just a little longer than Babs Bunny, signing her first record deal in the early ’80s, when the reggaeton rapper was barely 10 years old. 

She might know a little more about splits than he does from selling so many records in her career. 

Elliott, who has a substantial publishing catalog outside of her own projects that include the late Whitney Houston, late Aaliyah, Jennifer Hudson, and so many more, was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame 2019.

According to a tweet by Chart Data, Elliott has been named by the RIAA the female rapper with the most certified platinum albums in the history of music.

Graciously, she commented on the accomplishment, “This is a HUGE MILESTONE! No matter how long it took to get here I am here & I AM HUMBLY GRATEFUL To all my SISTERS in HIPHOP y’all keep doing y’all thang & SHINING.”

The successful hitmaker and star maker set the record straight about her business acumen and urged the young artist to clean up the dirt he put on her name.

She ended the Twitter exchange by commenting, “And by the way, I do care. this is very irresponsible…. I hope you clear this.”

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