‘I Understood The Assignment’: Donnell Rawlings Says He Was Only Paid $500 Per Sketch on ‘Chappelle Show’

Comedian Donnell Rawlings is widely known for his unforgettable roles on Dave Chappelle‘sChappelle Show.’ His most notable character, “Ashy Larry,” became a favorite of fans of the influential comedy series and still is today. The actor’s catchphrase “I’m rich biatch” quickly became one of the most memorable lines on the series that aired on Comedy Central from 2003 to 2006.

Rawlings, a D.C. native like Chappelle, spoke about his time on the “Chappelle Show” during a recent interview with “FAQ Podcast.” The 53-year-old explained that although he created and performed many sketches on the show, he didn’t take home a big check as expected.

Comedian Donnell Rawlings is widely known for his role as “Ashy Larry” in Dave Chappelle’s “Chappelle Show.” (Photo: @donnellrawlings/Instagram.)

“We wasn’t getting paid…from the show,” said Rawlings. “And not to be on no ‘why we ain’t get our money.’ I knew it, I understood the assignment. What $500 a sketch or whatever. It wasn’t our show to get rich off the show. But, we’d get money off the popularity of the show.”

For him, it was less about earning big bucks and more about creating opportunities for himself.

Rawlings said, “At the time I said…’ I said f–k it. I’m not going to try and get a pay raise or nothing. I just gotta go get my money. So I created the ‘I’m Rich B—h Tour’. I was like, ‘Yo that’s the most popular phrase on the s–t.’ I’m like, ‘Let’s go get it.’ “

Rawlings’ national I’m Rich B—h Tour in 2004 also featured former ‘Chappelle Show” comedians Bill Burr and Charlie Murphy. Over the years, Rawlings and Chappelle have become the best of friends and performed on comedy stages around the world.

Later this month, Netflix will debut his stand-up comedy special “Donnell Rawlings: The King of Too Soon” as part of the Chappelle-produced Home Team series of stand-up comedy specials.

Aside from ‘Chappelle Show,” Donnell Rawlings’ resume includes countless other television and movie credits. He’s starred on “The Wire” as Damien’ Day-Day’ Price and in “Black Dynamite” as “A Cat Named Rallo.” Fans also enjoyed his roles on “The Last O.G,” “BMF,” “Twenties” and more. Rawlings is also expected to appear in the new season of Nick Cannon’s “Wild N Out.”

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