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Jesse Williams and Ex-Wife Settle Custody Agreement Over Two Children, Ordered to Attend Co-parenting Sessions

Actor Jesse Williams and his ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee have reached a new co-parenting agreement following their tumultuous divorce. The former couple share two small children, Maceo and Sadie Williams. Drake-Lee filed for divorce from the “Grey’s Anatomy” star in 2017 after five years of marriage and 13 years together.

Actor and producer Jesse Williams will perform in the Broadway revival of “Take Me Out.” (Photo: @ijessewilliams/Instagram.)

According to new court documents obtained by Radar, a judge ordered both parties joint custody and to participate in 10 co-parenting sessions. The children will have four consecutive days a month in New York with Williams, two of which will be weekend days. This decision will accommodate Williams’ performance schedule on Broadway for the next few months. Williams will have the final say if both parents cannot agree on COVID-19 protocols and vaccines.

According to the outlet, “The judge denied Aryn’s request for Jesse to pay for half of the nanny because she failed to provide any financials.”

As previously reported, Drake-Lee demanded primary custody after filing complaints that Williams was not forthright about his work schedule or complying with their agreed-upon co-parenting schedule.

Williams left “Grey’s Anatomy” in May 2021. Since then, Drake-Lee said in court filings “there have been multiple instances of Jesse notifying me with very little notice that he will be gone for weeks or months at a time for work, and therefore must cancel his custodial time.”

The real estate broker also made claims about the safety of herself and her children due to Williams’ “erratic behavior.”

“When I’ve reminded Jesse of his cancelations and informed him of plans made because of said cancelations. He has resorted to erratic behavior to try to force me to acquiesce to his demands,” she claimed. “He calls me names, uses threatening language and intimidation tactics such as threatening to send the police to my home, causing me to fear for my and our children’s safety.”

After five years of marriage and 13 years together, Aryn Drake-Lee filed for divorce from Jesse Williams in 2017. She was awarded the family house in Los Angeles and two other properties. Williams agreed to pay a total of $50,629 a month in child support until Octber 2019 — which later decreased to $40K a month.

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