‘I’m Still Wearing This Damn CELINE Outfit’: Chad Johnson Explains Why He Is Wearing the Same Expensive Outfit, Fans Applaud

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is notorious for saving a buck. Earlier this week the former NFL wide receiver took to his social media page with a public service announcement for those curious to know why he’s been spotted out numerous times at various events wearing the same designer sweatsuit.   

The former Cincinnati Bengals star told his 1.8 million followers on Monday that he’s “wearing this damn Celine sweatsuit i wore to fly to Vegas for Pro Bowl 2 weeks ago, wore it in LA for 2 days, once in Hollywood & the 2nd day in Inglewood since the chances of me seeing the same people was slim to none.”

Johnson’s reasoning lies in his well-known strict spending habits. “I’m going to get my moneys worth & every dime out of this sh-t,” he told his online followers alongside a selfie of himself — seemingly taken in an airport bathroom — wearing a black CELINE loose sweatshirt. The sweatshirt and matching track pants retail for $790 and $750, respectively. 

​​“So, if you see me in Miami or in Tampa with it on mind ya business,” he continued. “Outfits reset themselves with location change & basically become new.” For the 44-year-old, whose net worth has often come up in discussion, the “moral of the story is to recycle ya outfits & save ya money.”

People in the comments section echoed the star and applauded him on his thriftiness. “Right. Wear it, even when it start talking back,” wrote one Instagram user. ”Life is about creating good memories. #doyou #carpediem.”

Another person commented, “Oh how I love you for this bc this is soooo me! I’m repeating and gives zero dams about what anyone thinks! I will repeat in the same city with the same people. Mind yo bitness….” “That’s real. Wear it!!!!” a third person echoed before questioning the culprit behind making wearing an outfit more than once taboo. “That’s silly,” they added. 

Earlier this month, Johnson had his followers once again applauding his saving tips when he revealed he doesn’t buy designer clothes for his newborn daughter he with his fiancée, Sharele Rosado. “I know it’s cute. It’s a thing. It’s a culture thing – a status of freedom you might say, ‘Oh, I got money,’ ” he said at the time. “No. No. We do Oshkosh- B’gosh.”  

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