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After Being Grossed Out by How They’re Made, Snoop Dogg Reportedly Prepares to Launch Hot Dog Brand ‘Snoop Doggs’

Snoop Dogg is yet again expanding his business presence into new territory with the reported development of his brand of hot dogs and sausages.

Fans of the “Gin and Juice” rapper can look forward to “Snoops Doggs” after the hip-hop legend applied for federal trademark registration on the term with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in December, according to Billboard. The filing was made as a “so-called intent-to-use application,” and he reportedly plans to apply by selling “hot dogs and other types of sausage.”

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY – NOVEMBER 20: Snoop Dogg of hip-hop supergroup Mt. Westmore performs at Rupp Arena on November 20, 2021 in Lexington, Kentucky. (Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

The inspiration behind The Dogfather’s foray into the packaged meat world remains unknown, however, he appeared visibly disturbed during a 2016 segment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” which may have piqued his initial interest in helping to level up the meat game. After a few incorrect guesses while watching the mystery meats’ creation — guesses that included Cream of Wheat, sheep hair, “boo-boo,” cookie dough, manure, chocolate malt, and beef jerky — he finally landed on hot dogs.

“This is hot dog?! Aw cuz I ain’t never eating a motherf*****g hot dog cuz. Ugh! Every time I see a motherf*****r with a hot dog on his plate at a barbecue, I’m knocking that s**t out his hands. If that’s how they make hot dogs, I don’t want one. I’m good,” he said before hanging his head.

Fans praised Snoop’s business versatility and voiced their hopes that he’d provide a more appetizing hot dog alternative to what’s currently on the market, especially after being shocked by how they were made on national television.

“man does everything”

“Finally!!! He’s the reason I stopped eating hot dogs after putting us on game, hopefully he’s proving a healthier alternative so I can get back to enjoying them.”

“My take away is if you don’t like some sh-t do it your way[sweat smile emoji]”

If Snoop’s hot dogs eventually hit store shelves, it will be the latest in an ever-growing list of business ventures for the artist. It’s also fair to reason that he could aim to take a healthier production route, as he’s recently opened up about getting more serious about what he puts in his body. He invested in Beyond Meat in 2020 and discussed incorporating more vegan and vegetarian options into his diet in an effort to take better care of himself.

“With such a busy schedule, I needed to make sure that I’m taking care of myself both mentally and physically,” he said during an interview with Forbes. “I needed to change up my diet a bit to help give me all the nutrients I need to continue to be at the top of my game. Some of my immediate family are vegan and vegetarian, so they helped me figure out the best plan with me.”

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