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‘Check on Your Mentally Ill Loved Ones’: Killer Mike Speaks Out After His Barbershop Is Vandalized by ‘Mentally Disturbed White Man’

Killer Mike‘s Atlanta barbershop was vandalized by someone the rapper referred to as a “mentally disturbed White Man,” and instead of responding with anger, the rapper used the destruction as a message of sympathy for those suffering from mental illness.

The Swag Shop was covered in black graffiti, as seen in the Run The Jewels social media posts, and although he was understandably “beyond upset” by the discovery, Killer Mike said that he knew who was at fault and only wants to see the culprit receive medical assistance.

Killer Mike is working to turn a negative into a positive after the storefront of his Atlanta barbershop was defaced with graffiti. (Photo: @killermike/Instagram)

According to the “Trigger Warning with Killer Mike” star, a local man who calls himself “Druce Wayne” suffers from delusions that include the rapper being “involved in a conspiracy to keep him silenced.”

“A mentally disturbed White Man who Calls him self “Druce Wayne” did this to our Shop downtown,” he captioned the photos of the damage on Instagram. “He lives in the delusion he is Kurt Cobain and somehow i am involved in a conspiracy to keep him silenced. I am angry and beyond upset.”

Instead of calling for the alleged perpetrator’s arrest, he used the opportunity to raise awareness about mental illness and encourage anyone who knows the man, whose photos he also included in his post, to reach out to him so that he can assist with getting him the medical help he needs.

Killer Mike’s Swag Shop was vandalized. @killermike/Instagram

“With that said I know I can fix this physical damage BUT this man’s mind is terribly broken. If u are from OKC and know his family or friends please DM so u can get him some help,” he pleaded. “I will for sure make sure we get this fixed and I encourage all to check on your mentally ill loved ones because the world my not be as understanding as me. Love and Respect. Thank “Kinfolks” of Edgewood for making sure we know the real deal. Swipe to see the signature he left and his face. No worries #TheSWAGshop will be ok and Happy Kwanzaa to ya’ll!”

Killer Mike’s wife and business partner Shay also echoed her husband’s sympathetic sentiments. “When your come back is stronger than your set back !!! Hubby and I woke up to this 🤦🏽‍♀️. I encourage the man that did this to get help and heal. Check on your friends y’all, both strong and the weak.”

Killer Mike and his team are in contact with the alleged vandal’s family. @killermike/Instagram Story

Repairs to the storefront are already underway, and Killer Mike has been in contact with the family of “Druce Wayne” and is “working on next steps” with them.

Killer Mike recently closed his Swag Shop in the Atlanta suburb of South Fulton permanently following the windows being blown out as the result of a nearby shooting incident in February.

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