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‘This Whole Thing is Ridiculous’: Black TikToker Claims She Was Threatened with Legal Action After Calling Out White Model’s Privilege

A Black TikToker was allegedly threatened with legal action after calling out a model for failing to see her privilege as a white woman in the fashion industry. 

According to a report from the Daily Dot, 22-year-old Anna Gantt threatened to seek legal against another person on the TikTok platform, user Sevyn Sativa (@sevynsativa), after Sativa, a Black woman created several videos about Gantt and how her privilege led to her getting a quicker and much more positive reaction regarding her grievances about the industry. 

The incident appeared to have occurred in October when Gantt took to her TikTok account teary-eyed, explaining her struggles navigating the modeling industry. 

Black TikToker claims she was threatened with legal action after calling out white model’s privilege. (Photos: @sevynsativa/TikTok)

Gantt explained in the clip that they told her to lose weight for a shoot in two months. She also claimed that she has been modeling since 2014 and used to be a size 0/2 but is now at a size 4/6 and healthy after previously suffering from an eating disorder.

Sativa posted a reply saying women of color, Black women specifically, had been saying this for years and never received remotely anything close to the kind of applause and grace Gantt garnered. In addition, Sativa claimed that immediately after the model posted her video, she got a modeling gig. 

“Women of color, specifically Black women, have been pointing out this problem within this industry for years,” Sativa said in her response clip. “Notice how you as a white woman were able to get on this app and tell us your experience, get over 10 million views, 2 million likes, and over 30,000 comments with immediate responses.” 

In a since deleted post Gantt claimed she was accused of being fatphobic, a white supremacist, and a racist in a since-deleted video. Although the clip didn’t address Sativa directly, it reportedly addressed her privilege video. 

Sativa followed up with another clip in which she denied making any offensive remarks about Gantt. She reinterated that her video was made purely to spotlight how one person got a response quick than another. “The victim narrative really stresses me out, because you’re saying I said things, that I didn’t say,” she said in the video.

Sativa told reporters that Gantt left a comment on her video saying, “Not surprising you don’t mention the two death threats I received directly traces from your previous video. Better lawyer up,” but has since deleted. She says she also was blocked from Gantt’s account.

Furthermore, Sativa said the girl has not made contact in any form regarding legal action but said, “this whole thing is ridiculous, to say the least.”

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