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‘Please Help Me’: Black Election Worker Forced to Flee Her Home After Desperate Trump Supporters Threatened Her Over Bogus Election Tampering Claims

Two Georgia election workers revealed supporters of former President Donald Trump have threatened to lynch them and accused them of election fraud following the 2020 presidential election.

A year later, local and state police have not investigated the threats, according to a review of Georgia records by Reuters. Federal authorities looked into the threats but have not arrested anyone.

Election worker Ruby Freeman, a 62-year-old grandmother, told Reuters she was forced to flee from her home of 20 years after some Trump supporters called for her to be hanged and threatened to “hunt” her.

Freeman’s daughter and co-worker, 37-year-old Wandrea Moss, has experienced similar harassment and told Reuters she’s afraid to leave her home.

The threats began after Trump attorney Rudolph Giuliani falsely claimed CCTV footage showed a Black mother and daughter “stealing votes” during the November 2020 election ballot count in Fulton County, which overlaps mostly Democratic Atlanta.

Giuliani and others alleged Freeman and Moss pulled ballots out of suitcases, although state officials confirmed the ballots were removed from standard ballot containers and properly counted.

Moss said her son’s grades in school have fallen amid the continued threats from those who believe the allegations.

In December 2020, Moss’ 14-year-old son was using his mother’s old cellphone to complete work for virtual class when a slew of violent threats inundated the teen, she said.

“Be glad it’s 2020 and not 1920. You would be hanging along with your mother,” said one text, according to Moss.

Trump supporters claim the two women, both Black, rigged the election results in Fulton County in favor of President Joe Biden.

Freeman and Moss have filed a lawsuit against Gateway Pundit, a right-wing site they say perpetuated the bogus election fraud claims.

Freeman made numerous 911 calls about the threats. Days after she was identified, Freeman called 911 on Dec. 4, she told the dispatcher at the time that had gotten a slew of threats. She revealed callers would say, “We’re coming to get you. We are coming to get you.’”

On the same day when she went to the Fulton County police, an officer answered at least 20 of the menacing calls she received while there, Reuters reports.

Just two days later, a scared Freeman was dialing 911 again because of loud banging at her door in the evening around 10 p.m. According to a report obtained by Reuters, Freeman begged for help, “Lord Jesus, where’s the police? I don’t know who keeps coming to my door. Please help me.”

Cobb County police also responded to Freeman’s home over her calls, but neither agency ever opened an investigation into the threats.

Freeman said uninvited visitors have shown up to her house over the past year. On Jan. 4, days before the Jan. 6 riot, Trevian Kutti, Kanye West’s publicist, showed up at Freeman’s home and urged her to admit to tampering with the election.

“They’re saying that I need help, that it’s just a matter of time that they are going to come out for me and my family,” Freeman told 911 after Kutti arrived.

After an officer arrived at the home, Kutti claimed that within 48 hours, “unknown subjects” would show up at her house.

Freeman disputes any ballot-tampering allegations.

A day later on Jan. 5, an FBI agent called Freeman and warned her to leave her home because it wasn’t safe.

Freeman left just hours before Trump supporters surrounded her home with bullhorns on Jan. 6, according to the lawsuit filed against Gateway Pundit.

The women grew even more concerned when an FBI agent contacted them in January, following the Capitol attack and said an arrested rioter has a list of names of people who would be executed: both women’s names were on the list.

In the weeks after the riot, Freeman stayed in at least three different locations. She has since returned home, changed her appearance and installed new safety measures on and around her house.

Cobb County police did not provide an explanation regarding why they did not investigate the threats Freeman reported. Fulton County police said they didn’t investigate because Freeman and Moss never made an official complaint.

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