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‘The Way She Was Stalling’: Woman Falsely Accuses Black Man of Stealing Her Phone Until It Rings In Her Purse, Thanks to a Store Clerk

A now-viral video of a woman accusing a Black man of stealing her phone only for it to be in her purse has outraged critics online. 

The video posted on TikTok by user @fuxktdub on Monday, Dec. 6 has since garnered over 2.1 million views with the headline caption, “Karen really pulled this at a Spencer’s. r@sism alive and well.”

The altercation appeared to have occurred at a Spencers store in an unknown location, and the video starts with the unidentified woman rummaging through her purse. 

Another woman could be heard in the background asking the store clerk if he could assist by calling the accusing woman’s cellphone, noting that she had refused to give them her number to call it.

Woman caught on video accusing Black man of stealing her phone when it was in her purse. (Photo: screenshot @fuxktdub/TikTok)

“9-1-6,” she started before claiming the Black man could’ve turned off the ringer. The woman from earlier inserted sarcastically that maybe she would’ve wanted them to get naked to verify they don’t have her cellphone. The woman continued riffling through her purse as the clerk attempted to calm everyone.  

Still, the accusing woman continued to say the man took her phone, despite his step of emptying his pockets and showing his vape. “I just stuck it right here, you walked right behind me, and you took it,” the shopper said.

The other woman who apparently was the man’s companion tried to get her to work with the store clerk to call her phone. The accuser had to be reminded during the exchange that she still had to give her phone number to find her cellphone. 

Ultimately it was called, and the woman immediately apologized and cited confusion for her misplacing her device. However, the two did not accept her apology and started to walk off, but not before a parting “f-ck” at the woman’s claims that she was sorry.

Social media users had assumptions about what transpired between the woman and the couple, many of whom believed she knew she had found her phone long before she publicly admitted it. 

“She has an Apple Watch?” questioned one user. “She could’ve literally pinged her phone from her watch ?!? People are wild.” “She didn’t wanna call her phone because she saw it in her bag and knew you were recording…smh,” claimed a second person. 

A third person pointed out, “The way she was stalling tryna come up with a backup plan after she felt it in her purse.”

“Her face was so red because she found it in her bag,” added a fourth person. “And look at how she continues to lie even after she found it.”

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