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Terrence J Reportedly Escapes Robbery Attempt Outside His L.A. Home 

Terrence Jenkins, also known as Terrence J, reportedly was a victim of an attempted “follow-home robbery” on Nov. 10.

According to Fox 11, the incident reportedly happened before 3 a.m. outside Jenkins’ Sherman Oaks home in Los Angeles, California.

Terrence Jenkins was reportedly a victim of an attempted “follow-home robbery” on Nov. 10. Photo:@terrencej/Instagram

During the reported attempted robbery, Jenkins and his unidentified passenger — who were leaving Hollywood — were blocked in by an SUV filled with masked men after he got to his driveway.

A police source told the outlet the incident took a turn when one of the alleged perpetrators tried to get Jenkins out of his vehicle at gunpoint. The former BET host, however, was able to drive off. Jenkins reportedly told police he was then followed by the alleged suspects and shot at by at least one of the masked men.

Following that frightful event, Jenkins was ultimately able to flag down a California Highway Patrol officer, who in turn notified the LAPD. Despite having his car shot at, Jenkins and his unnamed passager were unharmed.

Jenkins and his passenger later described the suspects as four black males, dressed in all-black clothing and driving a silver Jeep Cherokee.

As news regarding Jenkins’ attempted robbery went viral, many fans expressed how happy they were he made it out safely.

“Wow, well I’m glad that he’s safe this is getting ridiculous.”

“I’m glad he made it out safely hopefully his security cameras caught everything.”

“Damn, thank god he’s okay.”

“Glad he wasn’t harmed.”

Jenkins’ brush with robbers comes days after the LAPD released a bulletin warning residents about the alarming crime rate for what they are calling follow-home robberies.

The LAPD headquarters Twitter page describeS follow-home robberies as occurring when victims are targeted while leaving upscale settings and are followed home by individuals intent on robbing their targets.

No other details surrounding Jenkins’ case have been released as LAPD’s Robbery-Homicide Division is investigating it.

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