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‘Raining on Nelly’s Birthday Parade’: Fans React to Ashanti Continuing Her ‘Shantober’ Birthday Festivities

Ashanti left fans scratching their heads on Wednesday, Nov. 3, after announcing that she was resuming her Shantober commemoration.

Shanotober, as the singer calls it, is the combination of Ashanti’s name and the month of October, in which she was born. The celebration typically lasts throughout the entire month of October. But this year proves to be a different story.

Ashanti informed her Instagram followers that her birthday festivities are still going on despite turning 41 last month. Photo:@ashanti/Instagram

Ashanti, who turned 41 three weeks ago, uploaded a stream of photos and videos with family and friends while boarding a jet. The guests included the singer’s mom, Tina Douglass, Justin Schamp, Brice Vick, Sophia White and Parris Franz. Ashanti captioned the upload, “Yup… Still celebrating.” The following day, the “Foolish” vocalist disclosed that the group returned to the Bahamas to continue the Shantober celebration.

As fans viewed Ashanti’s post, many couldn’t help but call out the star for being too excessive with her festivities.

“Oh, you extra extra your birthday was over two weeks ago.”

“Oh, lord you still partying.”

“Girl, it’s damn near thanksgiving.”

“Seem like It’s been yo birthday 3 times this year.”

In addition to the celebration remarks, other people mentioned how close the timing of Ashanti’s celebration is to the birthday of her ex, rapper Nelly. One wrote, “She said f–k it being nelly bday today, it’s still her bday omg if this ain’t no s–t dawg. The s–t we do.” Another said, “Raining on Nelly’s birthday parade.”

Ashanti and Nelly — who just turned 47 on Nov. 2 — began dating in 2003 and called it quits in 2012 after the rapper allegedly cheated on her with multiple women. In September, the former couple made headlines after the pair exchanged a hug during Fat Joe and Ja Rule’s “Verzuz” battle.

The singer later revealed in an Instagram Live that it was the first time she and Nelly had seen each other in over six years. Ashanti stated that the overall interaction was a positive experience.

She said, “I wasn’t expecting it. That’s the crazy thing, wasn’t nothing said. I seen his eyes get big and I didn’t know what was going to happen. I didn’t know what to expect, so. But it was positive.”

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