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Alabama Judge Ordered Off the Bench After Being Accused of Making Racist Comments and Creating Hostile Work Environment

Judge Randy Jinks was removed from the bench in a rare decision made on Friday, Oct. 29, after the Alabama Court of the Judiciary said the Talladega County probate judge violated several of the state’s Canons of Judicial Ethics rules.

The guidelines direct the judges to uphold the honor of the judiciary, maintain decorum and avoid impropriety, after he engaged in racist conduct and sexually inappropriate behavior. 

Jinks was out on suspension during trial proceedings, which wrapped up just last week, reported, during which over a dozen witnesses, including the state’s former Gov. Bob Riley, testified. 

A 78-page document revealed that Jinks was at the center of more than 100 allegations, which included reading out loud a meme related to the 2020 racial unrest, stating. One of the memes read, “You sons of b–ches are going to need something to burn down after Trump gets re-elected for a second term, sons of b–ches.”

Alabama judge Randy Jinks is removed from the bench after being accused of making racist comments and creating a hostile work environment. Photo: screenshot / WOTM YouTube Channel

Jinks was accused of making foul remarks about George Floyd, the unarmed Black man who died while in the custody of Minneapolis police officers. In addition, the now former probate judge, was also accused of asking a Black clerk officer, Darrius Pearson, if he was a “drug dealer” when he purchased a new vehicle. 

In May 2019, Pearson testified that when Jinks saw his new car he said that, as a judge, he couldn’t afford one but inquired, “What you doing, selling drugs?” Pearson told NBC News, “My heart skipped a beat,” after learning of the court’s decision, noting that it was “important” to hold the judge accountable.

Employees also claimed that Jinks used profane language and often threw tantrums and even once went on a tirade after his sandwich went missing from a refrigerator. Furthermore, workers say Jinks abused his position’s power to get and grant favors. 

The former judge has maintained his innocence, telling WOTM-TV last March, “I am not saying I haven’t made some errors, but the majority of these vicious, vile and vulgar accusations are nothing to fear.” He added, “They can say what they want, they can’t hurt me.”

Amanda Hardy, an attorney for the disgraced judge, told the outlet that her client may consider appealing the decision, claiming that Jinks had never been accused of being racist, but “once he entered politics and became the first Republican to hold that office, that all changed.” It’s best to note that Jinks was not accused of making offensive remarks while on the bench, but instead in the workplace and around other employees. 

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