‘I Don’t Feel Safe’: Meek Mill Accuses Apparent Flight Attendant of Racism After He and His Friends Are Accused of Smoking Weed

Meek Mill’s recent encounter with a flight crew left him feeling profiled as he claimed he was falsely accused of smoking on a chartered plane.

The night before Halloween the rapper took to social media and aired out his grievances about what was purportedly a flight attendant exhibiting what he called “racist” behaviors.

Meek Mill accused a flight attendant of acting racist after he and his crew were accused of smoking weed on after boarding a private flight. (Photo: @meekmill/Instagram)

“He asked if we was smoking weed on his plane…we just got on 20 seconds ago…racist p—y slowed my whole day up??? I need to book a plane in NYC ASAP!! His energy from when we walked up I knew he racist! Just look what company is this jet under,” wrote Meek on his Instagram Story. 

Video shared by the Philadelphia rapper shows that he and his friends were each seated as the male flight attendant stood by. Both men were calm, but the exchange was nothing of the sort.

“You just said we was smoking on a plane and we just came on here 30 seconds ago, and you’re asking us if we were smoking on this plane,” said Meek. He further questioned how it would be possible for anyone to be smoking in such a short amount of time. 

The attendant responded, “Because I smell it,” while standing over the rapper’s shoulder. “I‘m sorry I’m going to try and fix the problem,” he continued.

Already fed up with the situation, the “Dream Chasers” emcee said he’d rather he and his crew exit the plane. “Let us get off the plane, just let us I don’t feel safe on this plane anyway. Yeah, come on let’s open the door. You acting real racist right now, real crazy ‘was we smoking weed?’ F—k wrong with you?”

As the video concludes the attendant is seen opening the hatch. Meek didn’t fully air his grievances out on Twitter, but he did write, “I need to get a plane from nyc to atl tonight we can rent!” 

People online were not quick to side with the rapper. “Man just doing his job,” and “Not racist at all,” wrote some commenters. 

Others criticized Meek for blowing the situation out of proportion, suggesting it was likely the flight attendant smelled weed because of someone smoking prior to boarding the plane. 

“He literally just smelled it. I would’ve asked the same man, Meek need to take it more calm.”

“Meek really playing the race card.”

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