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‘Oh Hell No’: Ice Cube Reportedly Walks Away from $9 Million Movie Project Due to Its Vaccine Mandate

Ice Cube’s latest project “Oh Hell No” will have to go on without him after the rapper-turned-actor gave a similar response when asked to take COVID-19 shot as part of the film’s vaccine mandate. 

Unidentified sources close to the situation told The Hollywood Reporter that Cube refused to fulfill the request of producers to get vaccinated, subsequently walking away from a reported $ 9 million payout.

Ice Cube reportedly has walked away from $9 million movie project because of a vaccine mandate for the production. (Photo: Screenshot of Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning” interview)

The “Friday” franchise creator, whose real name is O’Shea Jackson, was set to star alongside comedian Jack Black who is still set to be involved with the film, though he is currently out due to an injury from a prior project. Production was scheduled to start in December but now may have to push back as the studio scrambles to find a replacement for Cube. 

Reactions to rapper’s reported anti-vax position fell mostly into two camps. One framing anti-vaxxers as pro choice and the opposite side pointing out that vaccines protect not only the individual but those around him.

“No room in the industry for voices that would let harm come to the general public,” wrote one critic on twitter. “With the amount of followers he has, remaining unvaccinated sends a clear message to those who look up to him.”

“I don’t see the problem with him not wanting to get vaccinated….that’s his choice, as long as u aren’t out here parading around without a mask on I could care less,” fired back another person. “He isnt speaking out against vaccines by not getting it.”

The former NWA member has however advocated for other forms of protection from the deadly virus in the past. Last August he donated 2,000 face masks to Bacone College in Oklahoma, the entertainment outlet reported. 

During the earlier portion of the COVID-lockdowns, the “You Can Do It” emcee released a series of “Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self” branded T-shirts, featuring himself in a mask. The project was in partnership with the manufacturer Black Out. The proceeds were reportedly donated to frontline health workers.

This is the second project the 52-year-old has walked away from since the start of the pandemic. Cube was set to star in the boxing movie “Flint Strong,” but outlets say he’s no longer involved. Reasoning behind his exit has not yet been revealed.  

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