‘You Haven’t Aged a Day’: Gabrielle Union’s Throwback Video with Jaleel White and Bumper Robinson Has Fans Questioning Her Aging Abilities

Gabrielle Union is taking her fans back down memory lane.

Union posted a short clip from the late ’90s sitcom “Grown Ups” pilot where she appeared alongside actor Jaleel White. In the Oct. 22 Instagram clip, Union’s character, Felicia, runs into White’s character, Calvin, and gets flirty with him after finding out he’s doing well with work that has to do with “corrugated boxes.”

Gabrielle Union recently shared a throwback moment about a show she did with Jaleel White. (Photos: @gabunion/Instagram, @jaleelwhite/Instagram)

Then, speaking in a lustful tone, Union’s character begins to speak Calvin’s language and informs him that she loves all types of boxes like “cardboard,” “poster board,” and “collapsible.” As she’s naming these, Calvin gets turned on and Felicia urges him to “take” her. Right before things start to heat up the clip cuts to Calvin snapping out of his daydream and Union asking him who he is. He explains that he knows her from high school.

In the next slide, the mother of one added another 60-second video, this time it was a scene with her character and Bumper Robinson’s character, Marcus. Marcus and Felicia were out eating dinner with a friend (Senta Moses Mikan) when Felicia had to remind Marcus that they had eaten dinner at that particular restaurant before. She remembered because she thought the anonymous and romantic note she received was from him, but it was actually from another gentleman in the restaurant.

Marcus never told the truth about not actually writing the note, which is why the memory was special to her and not him. Union tagged both White and Robinson in the caption to see if they remembered working on the short-lived show that lasted only one season.

“It was allllllll a dream!!! @jaleelwhite do you remember thissssssss?!?! Man we’ve been at this a long time. And @bumperrobinson A little show called ‘Grown Ups’ came on right after Moesha on UPN #flashbackfriday #Bruins,” she wrote.

While the two men have yet to respond, some of the fans in the comments did and actually seemed to remember United Paramount Network. UPN was launched in 1995 and continued for over a decade. It broadcast shows like “Moesha,” “Half & Half,” and “Eve.” In the last few months of its existence, UPN and WB were shut down by CBS and Time Warner. After their discontinuance, CW was born in 2006.

Fans had a moment of nostalgia in Union’s comment section. “Upn had all the black shows I really do miss that channel 9 (wellinnewyork),” wrote one person. Another said, “Man I miss UPN. Such a classic time during the 99s/00s.”

Others joked about Union’s ability to look like she hasn’t aged. “Gabrielle how is it you look like you’ve age maybe 36 minutes since you filmed this?” said one person. Actress Yvette Nicole Brown also complimented 48-year-old, writing, “And you haven’t aged a DAY!”

Check out the pilot episode of “Grown Ups” here.

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