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‘Hov Got Hands’: Jeezy Reveals Jay-Z Earned More of His Respect After Standing Beside Him In Vegas ‘Fistfight’

After years of building his legacy in music and entrepreneurship, Jay-Z’s got more than a few people that look up to him.

Some of his fans are artists themselves, and at this point, it’s not a shock when artists say Hov is their favorite rapper or that he’s in their top five favorite rappers. Fellow rapper Jeezy spoke about his respect for Jay-Z in a Wednesday promo clip for his upcoming episode on TV One’s “Uncensored.”

Jeezy (L) recounts the time Jay-Z (R) fought alongside him in Las Vegas. Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage, Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

In the four-minute clip, the “Leave You Alone” rapper spoke about different moments he’s had with the Brooklyn native. From riding in the car with him in New York and Jay-Z telling him that despite growing up in New York, he’s never been to Central Park, to recalling how Jay-Z was there for him — but his label wasn’t — after his team got locked up due to an “incident.” These two moments and more are why Jeezy can say, “I really rock with him.”

After touching on the two previously mentioned moments he said, “A lot of people don’t know we done been in some fistfights and everything.” Without going into too much detail, he said, “Some things popped off in Vegas,” and proceeded to give Hov his credit for sticking beside him in the brawl. “I got to say Hov got hands, because me and him was getting down,” he said, giving him his props. “We was back to back.”

Jeezy, 44, also recalled hearing Jay-Z’s assistant telling him to get in the car but he replied “I ain’t leaving Jeezy.” Jeezy continued to elaborate on why he has so much respect for Jay-Z and says it has to do with his “tough skin.”

“For me, I just respect somebody who has enough respect for themselves not to lose their integrity to please people. That’s the biggest thing I see in him.”

Jeezy’s “Uncensored” episode aired Sunday, Oct. 24, at 10 p.m.

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