‘We Are Rooting for You’: ‘That’s So Raven’ Star Orlando Brown’s Fans Celebrate After Finding Out He Gave a Testimony About Overcoming His Drug Addiction

Orlando Brown is getting praise from fans after they’ve realized a year later that the actor not only overcame his drug addiction but also gave his life to Christ.

With the former “That’s So Raven” star’s four-month-old “Smiled On Me” music video surfacing on Twitter on Thursday, Oct. 7, many fans are learning for the first time that Brown beat his drug addiction. In the nearly 8-minute music video, Brown stumbles into a grocery store, clearly troubled, when the store clerk comes along and kicks him out. He then hears gospel music coming from a church and walks in to find his wife on stage bent over as if she is praying.

Old photo of Orlando Browns wife, Orlando Brown, an unknown woman and his son (Photo:@officialorlandobrown/Instagram)

She instantly smiles when she sees him walk in. That’s when he officially begins rapping about his struggles with drugs and his journey with deciding to follow Christ. Not only is his wife featured in the music video but also the son that he shares with her.

Twitter users celebrated the news by responding on the social media site. “So proud of Orlando Brown. People made fun of him at his lowest but Lord only knows what he was going through. So glad to see him doing well now and overcoming his addiction,” wrote one person.

Another said, “Shout out to Orlando Brown (That’s So Raven). He beat drug addiction, found faith, and has a beautiful family. Love to see it.”

Someone else said, “This is the one!!!!!! #orlandobrown YOUR REAL FANS ARE PROUD OF YOU AND STILL PRAYING FOR YOU MAN! We are rooting for you!”

Before getting sober, Brown came clean on “The Dr. Phil Show” in 2018 and said he was doing marijuana and crystal meth and was also addicted to alcohol. He said he turned to drugs because he was in a “dark place because I couldn’t really find everybody.”

While his supporters are celebrating now, it’s really been over a year since Brown gave a testimony in church and opened up about his sobriety. In the clip, he can be heard saying, “My name is Orlando Brown. You may know me from a little show from back in the day called ‘That’s So Raven.’ ”

He continued, “I went through a lot. I experimented with crystal meth, with weed. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was addicted to the internet. All kinds of stuff. My fiancée told me about this place and when I came it was amazing. I had a blast. These brothers accepted me for who I am. The church is lovely.”

It’s not clear how long he and his wife have been married, what her name is, or how old their child is. In the Dr. Phil interview, Brown said he had four other children that he was aware of, but couldn’t recall their ages at that time.

Take a look at his music video below.

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