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‘I Even Separated Myself from My Daughters’: Singer Lil’ Mo Opens Up About How Her Drug Addiction Turned Her Into a Recluse

Lil’ Mo’s crippling battle with depression and drugs, including weed and opioids, has never been a secret to her fan base. The singer was also involved in a tumultuous and allegedly abusive marriage with her now ex-husband, boxer Karl Dargan, which seemingly did more harm than good to the star’s overall well-being. 

During a recent virtual sit-down with celebrity blogger Jason Lee, the “Marriage Boot Camp” alum opened about some of the damage that was caused by her drug addiction, including how she ended up isolating herself from friends, family, and even her own children — the star is a mother to five children.7

Lil’ Mo. (Photo: @thelilmoshow/Instagram)

Mo explained that she didn’t want to become “a bother” to those around her. “I became a recluse. I separated myself from not only you, my friend, but from my family,” the singer told Jason. “I even separated myself from my daughters at one point, because I was just like, ‘Ugh, I’m making so many mistakes, I don’t want them to become this. I’m marrying, and I’m getting in relationships with all the wrong people. But I’m dealing with it because all I got to do is pop a perc, smoke some weed, drink some liquor. If this is going to be the end all be, Ima just do it and go out with a bang.’”

When asked if she was afraid of the path she was going down, given her close proximity to the late Whitney Houston and how she succumbed to her own drug addiction, the 42-year-old admitted that she had become fatalistic. “I was just like, ‘Oh well, if this how I’ma die, then it’s how I’ma die,’” she confessed. 

Jason also addressed Mo’s former relationship to the Philly boxer and the infamous incident in which his nudes leaked onto the internet. Jason told Mo that having seen the photos, he had just assumed that the singer was “d-ckmatized,” and that’s why it was difficult for her to leave her situation.

Mo disputed that assumption, stating that she was not at all trapped because of their sex life. “I knew him for years prior to that. I was always in Philly, so I knew so many people. When I first started dealing with him, people would ask me, ‘Mo, why him? Are you kidding me? You can have anybody.’ But I didn’t see it that way,” she explained. 

The former reality star expressed that Karl was there for her at a time when she needed someone the most. She had been going through a divorce with her second husband and felt that Karl was “loyal” throughout the whole ordeal, so he essentially got “first dibs.” 

Check out this and more in the clip down below.

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