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‘There is a Giant Hole Back Here’: Tracee Ellis Ross Reveals That Someone ‘Hacked Up’ Her Hair

Tracee Ellis Ross became the epitome of grace on Oct. 1 after uploading a video gracefully showing off a hair mishap.

The 48-year-old revealed in honor of National Hair Day — which was the same day — that she was fixing an accidental haircut she received from a person she did not identify.

Tracee Ellis Ross revealed on National Hair Day that she had to fix a botched haircut, leaving many to wonder who originally did it. @traceeellisross/Instagram

Ross started the recording by singing, “I’m getting a trim because someone hacked up my hair. They hacked it up, and the shape was crazy so we are trying to fix it. Even though there is a giant hole back here.”

She added while physically displaying how not to cut her hair, which was shown from an upward angle: “There’s an art to trimming my hair. I do it like it’s a garden bush. So one of the things you can’t do on my hair is pick it up and do this or shear. You have to cut blunt or the curls don’t find themselves.”

As the video wraps, Ross flaunts her repaired locks and gray roots while admitting that she would get rid of them this upcoming week. When fans viewed the actress’ video many of them wondered who was the culprit behind the botched hairdo.

“You not gon say the hacker’s name???!! CLASS.”

“Imagine being that person who f*ed up on Tracee. Opportunity missed. Big time.”

“Who would DARE hack up your hair? Lol we need more deets.”

“Who hacked your hair??? how is this possible for the daughter of a Queen? This will not do.”

“How did someone mess this up???? Who is this person?”

In addition to people wanting more information behind the said hairstylist, others pointed out how calm Ross was throughout the course of the video even after suffering the mishap. One social media user claimed that the star may have been the person who cut her hair. They said, “You seem pretty chill about it……so How did you do that to yourself😂😂😂😂😂.” While another wrote, “I don’t know how you could be taking it so well…I’d be so mad..”

Despite the commotion surrounding Ross’ haircut, no additional information has been provided.

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