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‘Jackée Did Not Like Me Looking Like Her’: Kym Whitley Opens About Meeting Jackée Harry and the Advice Marla Gibbs Gave Her Regarding Their Past Feud

Actresses Kym Whitley and Jackée Harry may be friends now, but things weren’t always smooth between the pair, who over the years have often been paired in discussion thanks to their striking resemblance to each other. 

During a recent airing of TV One’s “Uncensored,” Whitley opened up about her first time meeting the “Sister Sister” star, claiming she was not OK with Whitley looking soo much like her. 

Kym Whitley (left) opens up about friendship with Jackée Harry (right). (Photo: Screenshot/TV One YouTube page, @jackeeharry/Instagram

“I went over to the set of the show “227.” I was sitting in the audience, and I remember a lady named Simone Sheffield. At the time, she was Stevie Wonder’s manager. I love Simone. She said, ‘I got a question. Is this Jackée’s sister?’ And I was like, ‘What? What is she talking about?’” she explained.

“And Marla Gibbs sent a note up and said, ‘Have her come to the back after the show.’ And I went to the back and Marla Gibbs took my information down. And two, three weeks later, they called me to come out to be Jackeé’s stand-in. Her double.”

The decision reportedly upset Harry, who Whitley said “did not like it.” She continued, “Let’s just go ahead and be honest: Jackée did not like me looking like her. But I can’t change my face, Jackée. This is what I got, this is my face, I look like you, OK? You look like me.”

The comedian said the two began to have troubles, without revealing too much detail. She claimed the “227” star’s sister even threatened her. “She was gonna kick my butt and all kinds of stuff. And I was afraid,” she explained. 

Fellow “227” star Gibbs ultimately stepped in and advised the rookie actress to “stop taking all abuse” and “stand up for yourself.” Still, Whitley said because of her lack of experience in the industry she feared speaking up would only hurt her career. 

Kym Whitley opens up about friendship with Jackée Harry. @kymwhitley/Instagram

However, she noted that although she didn’t follow through, the advice Gibbs gave her became the catalyst for their lasting friendship. “This was the first thing I’d ever done. And I probably should have listened to Marla Gibbs, but that’s why we are friends today. I love Marla Gibbs,” the actress added.  

Whitley shared the snippet on her Instagram page, where fans were surprised by the revelation, including one user who wrote, “I always thought you two looked a like but I never knew you were her stand in wow. Can’t wait to tune in ❤️❤️❤️.”

In the comment section on YouTube, where a snippet from the episode was published, many people applauded Whitley for how she handled what could’ve been a difficult situation. “I Know you are not afraid of NOBODY!!!!” wrote another person. “You took the HIGH ROAD!!!! That is why you are a REAL woman and not fake! You still look good!!!! You know who you are!!!”

Be sure to check out the clip from Whitley’s episode down below. 

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