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‘A 38yr Old Grown Woman Trying to Shame Her Father’: Shannon Sharpe’s Take on Dr. Dre’s Daughter’s Living Situation Sparks Debate

Former NFL player and sports analyst Shannon Sharpe found himself in some hot water this week after he chimed in on the discussion surrounding Dr. Dre’s daughter, LaTanya Young. 

Earlier this month, the 38-year-old daughter of the Grammy Award winner told Daily Mail in an interview that despite her father’s $800 million net worth, she is homeless and has been living out of her SUV. Furthermore, the mother of four said she has pleaded with her father for assistance, but hasn’t received any financial help in nearly a year-and-a-half. 

On Tuesday, Aug. 3, Sharpe took to his Twitter, where he shared his thoughts on the matter, slamming Young for “trying to shame her father into taking care of responsibilities she created.” The backlash ensued almost immediately.

One critic fired back, stating, “The daughter of a billionaire should not be homeless.”

Another person wrote, “A billionaires daughter is homeless? No matter the age how can you just watch your own child suffer? The child you created.”

“I don’t know about this take Shannon,” said a third. “I will always take care of my children no matter what. I don’t care what age they are. I would be embarrassed for my child to be homeless while I live in a mansion. I’d rather be dead than see that happen. But that’s me.”

A fourth argued that age played no role on when a parent should stop caring for their child and suggested that instead of “just giving her money maybe put her in a better situation to succeed, most people don’t have financial literacy and make poor decisions sometimes.” That person added, “We gotta stop caping for people just cause we like their music.”

Still, many argued that Sharpe wasn’t all that off with his take on Young’s current living situation. Critics cited that the adult woman did admit to having received financial assistance at some point in her life and that it wasn’t until relatively recently that the former NWA group member cut her off. 

“At 38 she should have her bungalow, working at the post office and driving her Nissan Altima like the rest of us,” fired one critic. “She shouldn’t NEED to be bailed out by anyone. Sounds like he’s helped her too much already.”

Another person commented, “She’s 38 why aren’t people holding her accountable, Dre made the money not her and she probably has more opportunities than the avg person.”

Young is the oldest daughter of the producer with his former partner, Lisa Johnson. The couple broke up when Young was just five years old, and she says she has not seen her father in 18 years. The woman also claimed she does not have her father’s cell phone number and communicates with him through his team.

Young told the outlet that at this moment, her four children are staying with a friend and are not living in her vehicle with her. She added, “I’m taking odd jobs just to make it now – I got paid $15 an hour as an assembler at the warehouse. I’m trying to keep my head above water. I’ve been in debt for a while.”

Dr. Dre, whose currently going through a tumultuous divorce proceeding with his ex-wife Nicole Young, has yet to respond to his daughter’s allegations.

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