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‘Is Wayne Brady Going to Have to Bust a Cap!?’: Wayne Brady Reacts to Being Called the N-word in Anonymous Caller’s Voicemail Left at CBS Studios

Game show host Wayne Brady is unfazed after realizing he was the target of a racist voicemail left at CBS Studios.

The tirade was intentionally left by a disgruntled viewer of Brady’s show “Let’s Make a Deal.” In a short nine seconds, the foul-mouthed viewer makes it clear he has no regard for Brady or his game show zonks — booby trap prizes that don’t help contestants win.

Wayne Brady says he is unbothered by a racist rant targeting him. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

The caller can be heard saying, “As for Wayne Brady, make sure you don’t give any of your f——-g N-word a zonk like every day you f——-g cheater.” Reports indicate that security at the Fairfax District studio filed the incident with the Los Angeles Police Department, but ultimately there was no other resolution.

As for how the former “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” cast member feels about the ordeal, he told TMZ on Monday, Aug. 2, he literally could not be any more unbothered.

“I’m not mad,” he said. “Truth is I am a man, I’m a Black man in America, it doesn’t matter you know I happen to be someone that my job is this thing and some people like it, cool. But the fact is we have people out there that feel that they can use words and will them and they’re going to be anonymous. I don’t care what that dude has to say, in fact, in fact that he referenced zonks in his tirade, thanks for watching I really hope that you’re a Nielsen viewer.”

The singer-comedian went on to say that he received several calls from industry peers such as “The Talk” co-host Sheryl Underwood, offering him support. But in the end it’s the anonymous caller that Brady actually feels empathy for.

“You think the best insult you can come up with is to level that word, that piece of vitriol, that hate you think that’s clever; you think that’s something that any Black person walking in this country right now hasn’t heard? You are the least of my worries, you can kiss my a-s,” he continued.

In fact, Brady made it clear he welcomes the necessary discourse surrounding the use of the N-word.

“The best thing I think about bringing that to light is showing that we, we now live in a day and age in 2021 where you have people who are recognizing their self worth, they will not be treated like second-class citizens,” he said.

“I laugh at you and that’s where we are right now, people knowing who they are and will laugh at you man, that has no power whatsoever. So thanks for watching please keep on watching…You don’t have to like me but as a human I’m going to give you respect and I hope that you would do the same regardless of race, regardless of gender, regardless of orientation. We actually have to open these conversations and that’s what I think this is about.”

On social media, news of the incident was met with confusion by the host’s fans who view him as one of the nicest personalities on television.

Others, however, found the humor in the situation by referencing Brady’s appearance on “The Chapelle Show” — where Brady portrays the polar opposite of his do-right, friendly and squeaky clean demeanor.

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