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Sean Kingston’s Impromptu Performance to Get Out of a Ticket Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

Sean Kingston left fans a bit perplexed on July 20 after the 31-year-old attempted to sing his way out of a ticket. It is unclear where the incident occurred or why the singer and his unidentified passenger were essentially pulled over.

In the clip, Kingston is seen addressing one of the two officers before belting the chorus to his 2007 chart-topping song “Beautiful Girls.” He said,”[They] pulled me over, but I’m gonna sing a little ‘Beautiful Girl’ song for his partner. Let’s do it. ‘You’re way too beautiful, girl. That’s why it’ll never work, Ay.'”

Sean Kingston’s attempt to sing his way out of a ticket by doing an impromptu rendition of his 2007 hit song”Beautiful Girls” left fans in disbelief after they claimed the 31-year-old didn’t sound the same. (Photo: @seankingston/Instagram)

Toward the end of the video, Kingston tells the officers that he “loves” them while they wish Kingston and his passenger “to have a great day.” As the recording became viral on social media blogs, including The Shade Room, the Miami native chose to clarify on his Instagram Story that the impromptu performance did work. Kingston stated while reposting the blog’s upload, “Lmao [finesssed] worked,” alongside a laughing and fire emoji.

Sean Kingston claimed his singing attempt worked after he reposted The Shade Room’s initial video showcasing the 31-year-old singing his way out of a ticket. @seankingston @theshaderoom/Instagram

What initially left fans dumbfounded by the entire thing was not the performance but rather the singer’s tone. Many brought up how Kingston didn’t sound like himself.

“Give him the ticket bc that was horrible.”

“It’s not giving what it gave years ago 😂😭.”

“I don’t remember it sounding like that.”

“He sure don’t sound the same lol I hope they gave him the ticket.”

“Was that the key we used to sing it in? 😰.”

While a handful of people brought up what they deemed Kingston’s singing deficiencies, others wondered where he has been during his prolonged low-profile period. One wrote,”Forgot all about him.” Another asked, “Where the hell he been 👀?”

Kingston, who captured millions of hearts in 2007 following the release of “Beautiful Girls,” has been living his life under the radar for several years. Recently, Kingston returned to the music scene by releasing the video to his single “Darkest Times” featuring G Herbo. The singer previewed a clip on his Instagram page earlier this month with the caption, “’’‘Darkest Times’ feat @nolimitherbo aka da movie 🍿 is out now!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

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