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Juicy J Invests In a Solar Energy Merger After Saying He Was Initially Going to Splurge on Jewelry

Instead of dropping stacks on a nice piece of wrist bling to add to his collection, Juicy J decided to let his money make money while doing his part to support a more sustainable energy resource in the process.

The Academy Award-winning rapper, born Jordan Michael Houston III, has invested in solar energy company Heliogen, which announced a $2 billion merger with all-women-led SPAC Athena Technology Acquisition Corp. in early July. Juicy J admitted that although he was initially considering treating himself to an iced-out watch, he chose to spend more wisely.

Juicy J is proud of his money moves. @juicyj/Instagram

“I was gonna buy a moissanite diamond watch but i decided to invest the money in a huge operation💰,” he told fans in an Instagram post.

The “Bandz a Make Her Dance” rapper has been enthusiastically focusing on upping his investment game in recent years. He previously invested in Core Nutrition beverage company and a couple of days before sharing his solar energy news, he also told fans that instead of opting for a Maybach truck, he decided to invest in grocery delivery service Instacart.

The massive merger is “expected to accelerate and advance Heliogen’s mission to empower a sustainable future with low-cost, dispatchable concentrated solar energy as an affordable alternative to fossil fuels” and “revolutionize the energy industry with Athena’s emphasis on disruptive technology in complementary partnership.”

2Chainz also saw the business move as a good financial opportunity and shared news of his investment on his own social media channels writing, “So I invested in this company that basically takes the suns energy and packages it up for reuse even at night kinda like a sun refinery.”

Fans praised the Three 6 Mafia co-founder for opting to make a smart money move over buying himself a new toy.

“Inspiring and telling people the sauce hella respect fuck a watch invest 🔥🔥🔥🔥”

“Then you can buy mad watches with the return lol”

“I’m glad investments are the new flex”

It seems as if the rappers’ investments are in good hands. Athena Technology Acquisition Corp CEO Phyllis Newhouse is believed to be the first woman of color in the U.S. to take a company public through a SPAC, and Stacy Abrams has backed the company and serves as an adviser.

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