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‘You’ve Got to Make Sure’: Don Cheadle and His Wife Bridget Coulter Explain Why It Took Them Wife 28 Years to Get Married

After 28 years of being together, “Space Jam: A New Legacy” actor Don Cheadle and his now-wife Bridget Coulter have decided to make their union official by saying “I do.”

In a Tuesday, July 13, interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” Cheadle made a quick joke about what it was that made him finally want to tie the knot with his long-time partner Coulter. “Our accountant proposed to both of us,” he teased, “and he showed us the numbers, and we said, ‘yeah, we should probably do it.’ ”

Don Cheadle and his wife Bridget Coulter (Photo: @doncheadle/Instagram)

Cheadle said it wasn’t that the couple didn’t think about marriage often. In fact, according to him, the subject “came up a lot of times.” However, the 56-year-old said when they did discuss it they wondered what the purpose would be if “‘we’re already together.’”

The Golden Globe-winning actor said that’s when his accountant stepped in. “He’s like, ‘Yeah, but this is a better reason to be together.’ Really it’s because our accountant proposed to us, I wish there were some big sweet romantic story, but the romance happened, you know, the first year.”

As for the ceremony, which took place last year, Coulter said “It was just beautiful. It was just for us in our backyard, our two kids. It was for us. It was special.” The couple shares two daughters: Ayana, 26, and Imani, 24.

Cheadle also left a piece of advice for anyone thinking about marriage. He said, “Wait 28 years before you get married. Do not rush into things. Be very careful!” Coulter, who’s an actress herself, and who has made appearances in sitcoms like “Martin,” “Family Matters,” and “A Different World,” seems to have a sense of humor like her husband.

Her marriage advice, which she also gave in a comedic manner, is “You’ve got to make sure. I wasn’t sure. Now, I think I’m almost sure.”

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