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’It’s Her Life But I Hope She Passes on This’: Sha’Carri Richardson Reportedly Offered $250,000 to be a Brand Ambassador for Popular Vape Company

Track and field star Sha’Carri Richardson may have lost her opportunity to participate in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics due to a failed drug test, but that isn’t stopping companies from still wanting to work with the 21-year-old athlete. 

According to TMZ, Dr. Dabber, a vaping organization that specializes in marijuana, recently reached out to the Texas native in hopes that she would consider being a brand ambassador or “doctor” as the company describes the job title. Dr. Dabber, which has been in business since 2013, is also offering $250,000 to Richardson for the position should she be inclined to accept. 

Sha’Carri Richardson. Photo: @carririchardson_/Instagram

In a letter obtained by the media outlet, the company expressed sadness over Richardson’s recent suspension and ultimate disqualification from the US track and field team after testing positive for THC, an ingredient found in marijuana, and whose use is prohibited by organizations heading the Olympics.

“At Dr. Dabber, we believe that THC can actually have many positive effects on an athlete’s recovery and overall mental wellbeing. Witnessing what you’re capable of in the Olympic trials, and how fabulous you looked while doing it, proved your star-power and ability to command the country’s attention. Considering your talent and grace over these past weeks, we would love to offer you the opportunity to work with our team as a spokesperson for Dr. Dabber. This entails testing our award-winning electronic dab rigs and vape pens as a resident ‘doctor.’ ” it continued. “We would like to offer you $250,000 for this position and can make ourselves available at a moment’s notice to further discuss specifics or questions you may have.”

Though Richardson has yet to address the offer publicly, many fans online have already voiced their concerns over her associations to cannabis companies, given her recent controversy — and how this could potentially open up a door for stricter regulations. 

On Twitter user wrote, “I just hope they don’t create a new rule about the types of sponsorships athletes can accept, bc this seems like another opportunity to move the goalposts – and I hope she accepts whatever sponsorships she wants.”

“250k for cigarettes 2.0? It’s her life but I hope she passes on this,” wrote another. 

Even actress Rosanna Arquette chimed in on the discussion and believes Richardson is above an endorsement such as the one being offered, writing, “It’s not enough money for her she can get and deserves so much more to endorse a product.” She added, “And vaping is terrible for runners lungs!”

Former Disney child star Kyle Massey was also a celebrity ambassador for the brand, but was recently dropped amid his legal issues after being charged with a felony charge of one count of immoral communication with a minor.

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