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‘Almost Thought This Was Riley’: Kandi Burruss’ Hot White Photo Shoot Has Fans Mistaking the Star for Her Daughter Riley

Kandi Burruss had fans seeing double on Wednesday, June 30, after “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star appeared to favor her eldest child Riley Burruss, 18, in a new image where the 45-year-old was dressed in only a white-feathered ensemble. This comparison comes after Burruss bombarded her fans in a matter of hours with a slew of photos and a behind-the-scenes video of her latest photo shoot. 

The enticing new pic in question captioned, “I’m feeling real angelic in all white! 😂,” showed Burruss showcasing her thousand-watt smile while holding a cane as she posed for the camera. Although it wasn’t clearly addressed why many people felt that the “RHOA” star physically resembled Riley despite the mother-daughter duo sharing similar physical features, that didn’t stop them from making the comparison known. 

Kandi Burruss’ latest photo shoot had fans mistaking the “RHOA” star for her older daughter Riley Burruss. Photo:@kandi/Instagram

“I didn’t even recognize her 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Kandi looks a lot like Riley in this pic.”

“Almost thought this was Riley, chile! She looks great.”

Kandi Burruss (left) and Riley Burruss (right) Photo:@kandi @rileyburruss/Instagram

“Looking like Riley.. Them genes are strong 😍.”

“It’s giving Riley Burruss.”

“Riley’s twin.”

While a multitude of fans commented on how strongly Burruss resembled her daughter, a couple of Instagram users complimented the star on her weight loss. One wrote, “Kandi looks like she lost weight. Okay, then @kandi.” Another Instagram user said, “She’s looking slimmer … but still 🔥🔥.” 

In the past, Burruss revealed the secrets behind her 20-pound weight loss during a virtual interview with Hollywood Life. Earlier this year, she told the publication that besides working out with her cousin and personal trainer Patrick Dallas, staying away from sugars and bread helped her lose the unwanted weight she gained during quarantine. The reality star said, “I stopped eating all sweets, bread. I only drank water, no juices, anything, and then I took some appetite suppressants, so I didn’t feel hungry all of the time.”

Burruss also shared that another factor that contributed to her weight loss was a prayer fast she usually participates in the beginning of the year.

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