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‘My Clothes Are Too Big’: Tiffany Haddish Shows Off 50-Pound Weight Loss, Reveals Common Makes Fun of Her Workout Routine

Earlier this year, Tiffany Haddish shocked the world with a bold blond new hair color; now she’s gone through another physical transformation. 

In a chat with “Extra,” she discussed the 50 pounds she lost during the pandemic. She showed the outfit she was wearing and shared that she would be wearing the outfit later on that evening. “You know what’s crazy is this outfit I wore to a premiere in New York for one of my movies,” she said, “like, two years ago… back in 2019, and it is so loose right now.” The “Girls Trip” actress began tugging at the dress to show how much it is able to move since she lost weight.

Actress Tiffany Haddish shows off her amazing figure after losing 50 pounds. (Photo: @tiffanyhaddish/Instagram)

The comedian-actress also shared that she was attempting “to get my high school body back.” After being prompted by the personality interviewing her to stand up and show off her amazing new figure, Haddish stood up and proceeded to show her how much wiggle room she has in her skirt. “Look at all that,” she said. “The skirt is too big! It used to be tight. Look how much I lost.” She then screamed “I LOVE IT! I love my clothes are too big!” 

So how did she do it? Haddish credited her weight loss to her oculus glasses — a headset that allows users to play virtual reality games. She said the glasses “changed the game,” and even confessed that she had an addiction. “You’re supposed to do like 20 minutes or maybe 10 minutes in the morning and then I’m fiending to get back on.” Haddish then described a game called “Supernatural” and began to demonstrate how players have to hit the balls. “You start sweating like crazy.” The 41-year-old said at first it was just a thing she did in the morning but now she’s found herself wanting to do it in the afternoons as well. 

Haddish did admit that she looked like “a weirdo” while playing the game and said her boyfriend and famed rapper Common agrees. She said the “Just Wright” actor said, “ ‘You look hilarious.’ He’s like ‘you’re really into it.’ ’’

She did not clarify if she still is attempting to lose weight, but it seems, if nothing else, she doesn’t plan to stop playing the game anytime soon.

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